Reade Vernis Bag?

  1. What do you think about READE PM vernis in new stunning red? I try to find some pieces of vernis line in new red but nothing catch my eyes. Only this one that I think it should fit my style.

    As asking for the opinion about agenda and many members love new red vernis so I need to have a matching.

    As the top of bag is open so it may not be a safe bag?

    I also think that roxbury is nice and I may adjust the extra strap that provided with the bag to use with my little pouchette :roflmfao: . What do you think?

    Anyway, I like READE mor than roxbury. What do you think about it?:sweatdrop:
  2. I used toi have rouge reade, it's cute but I hardly carried this baby. I had no problbem with open top. It's so tiny, like tiny shopping bag you got from LV when you buy small stuff. At this point, I personally would buy Roxburry Drive because you can use it as handheld and shoulder bag..
  3. I think I will use Roxbury as handheld than shoulder bag. I think it is not a good looking as a shoulder bag. That's why I plan to use the strap for other bags.:sad:
  4. between the roxydrive and reade, i'd go for the roxy :smile:
  5. I'm a fan of tote bag so I love reade more than Roxy :push:
  6. :smile: both are cute..
  7. I'm waiting for my reade now, so I'm obviously a fan, and I saw somewhere where a user posted a picture of ALL the stuff you fit in it for such a "small" bag!!
  8. I think the reade is lovely! I love tote bags :biggrin:
  9. I have three reades :biggrin: it is one of my favorite styles!! I just try to put smaller items in a pouch so they don't fall out or put bigger items on top of them. I haven't really had a problem.
  10. The reade is so cute; if I ever get one, I'll probably use it as an evening bag 'cause it's tiny and handheld...I actually like the tote style, too. I think you should get that one (the reade). :yes:
  11. I love the Reade!
  12. I got the reade in the new red and I loooove it :love:
  13. For me, I have a problem with bags that have open tops. I wish this didn't bother me so much because I would love to carry some cute LV tote bags, such as the Reade PM. If you don't mind the open top, the Reade PM in Pomme d'Amour is an excellent choice!!!
  14. The reade pm is very cute, but very small...this is the only bag I have ever returned...I loved it, but just too small for me.
  15. Its very cute :yes: and I do like it but I would never get it because of the open top and the fact that its too small for my stuff.