Reade PM vs. Roxbury

  1. Thoughts? Opinions? Pros and Cons? I was in the Reade clubhouse and it seems everyone who has one loves them. Does the Reade hold as much as the Roxbury? If you have both which one do you prefer?

    Thanks everyone!!!
  2. I looove the reade, but am hoping to get a roxbury this year!! :yahoo: here are pics on what my reade can hold.


  3. Roxbury!!!!
    you can use it handheld and shoulder, I'm sure it would hold the same as the reade.. Mine you I Dont see it as an everyday bag.

    and its hotter :smile:
  4. Roxbury!!
  5. I like the reade.
  6. I'd go with the roxbury just cuz I find it more versatile - handheld or shoulder! Plus I like that you can close up the roxbury so things aren't out in the open.
  7. Both are nice! But Reade PM is my fave vernis bag... it's so cute especially for summer. I don't like how the Roxbury hangs with shoulder strap... and the roxbury's handle is so small it may be a bit uncomfortable to carry.
  8. I think Reade PM is better as it is my fav.
  9. i vote the reade even though im not that big of a fan of hand held bags (speedy is an exception) but the roxbury with its strap looks silly to me
  10. I love both, but I think that all my stuffs will not fit in both of them (they're a bit small compare to Speedy).

    If the reade is a bid bigger, I will buy it.
  11. I love the Reade!
  12. I love both but I think Reade is more every day casual and Roxbury is me it seems that the Reade holds more too...but if I had to decide I wouldn't know which to pick!

    Reade in Framboise and Roxbury in pomme!
  13. roxbury!
  14. I like Rox :p
  15. the reade is my fav vernis bag :love: