Reade PM Owners!

  1. Quick question for all of practical is this bag?? I made the mistake of going into my local LV today and saw the new red Vernis and I am absolutely in love with it...however, I really don't have the $$ for a Houston or Brentwood, but I need a bag in this color!! My main concerns with this bag are the fact that it doesn't zip or have any sort of clasp. I can deal with the fact that it is a smaller bag, because I don't tend to carry much, but is does the opening at the top tend to be a pain? TIA!
  2. I would say you're going to be ok with the open top. Reason is that once your arm his through the handles there isn't much room for someone to get into it.
    It will hold a fair amount. Pti wallet, agenda, keys and cell. with some room for a bit more.

    hope this helps
  3. here is another
  4. One of the only items I ever returned. It is so darn cute....but just to small for me.
  5. I sold mine on e-Bay. Really cute but not very practical!
  6. i have one and think it's a pretty good sized bag if you don't carry too much stuff with you
  7. Thanks for the advice!!! I really wish there was some sort of in-between size...the Reade is tiny, but the Houston and Brentwood are so big!!! But I absolutely NEED a summer bag in this color!
  8. I was thinking the same thing as you. I was set to get a reg groom agenda, then I saw the new red and I can't stop thinking that I need something with this color. Maybe a red agenda or the reade. Good luck with your decision.
  9. I actually tried the reade PM in pomme d amour. Very cute, but the handles are so short I couldn't even get it on my wrists !
  10. I have the Reade PM in Marshmallow and love it. I probably don't use it as often as my other bags because of the color (I like to go with a pink theme when I use it as I have the triple-coiled vernis bracelet in the same color) but just had to have it when I saw it in Soho...with it being the only one in the store in which someone on a waitlist didn't want anymore ;) But I have the Vavin also and the "open top" doesn't bother me, although I know my mom won't carry that sort of bag. Says it makes her nervous. But I love mine :smile:

  11. LOL that's my reade pm! With my stuff! :roflmfao:
  12. I like the reade.
  13. Argh, it sounds like I am going to start having to save up for a bigger Vernis bag...if it won't even fit over the wrist, I don't think this is a good bag for me...(sigh). I really wish there was some sort of in-between Vernis bag. It is either huge or tiny, it seems.
  14. I understand your dilemma....I looked at getting a Reade a few times (just on eBay) but decided to go with a Houston instead....the open top makes me nervous and it looks really tiny. :shame:
  15. I love the reade..Its so adorable.
    I like the easy access to my things