Reade PM Owners

  1. Does the sides of your LV Reade stick out?

    I see some that look perfectly shaped but mine bulks out at the sides.

    Is this normal or could it be dependent on the way each is stitched?
  2. mine is perfectly shaped. could be the way it was stored. be careful and store it standing upright and stuff it if possible.
  3. I keep mine stored in the dust bag with tissue paper inside and upright.

    I just don't know why it looks like this. I love it when the sides are pushed in where it's meant to sit but when they are poking out it looks ugly.
  4. Can you return your bag or exchange for another one? I have never seen one that pokes out though.
  5. I think it depends on how soft the leather is and how it was stored. If you look at my avatar, you can see that my reade sticks out on the sides a little bit...then again, it's about 5 years old.
  6. mine pokes out, mostly it's probably how it's stored. i like it better more structured too. still debating whether i should sell it. if vuitton comes out with another prettier baby pink i will. but i just try and keep it stuctured by pushing the sides back in.
  7. Nope, Mine is perfectly shaped :smile:
  8. No I've had it for too long :sad:
  9. I love it when it stays in, I do the same poke it back in but it always comes back out again.
  10. Mines about 4 years old so not far behind yours.
  11. Mine's brand new and it's a *little* puffy in one corner, but for the most part, it's in pretty good shape. It must have been the way it was stored (which surprises me, since I bought it from the boutique).