Reade pm or Malibu Street for an "old" lady? ;)

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  1. I'm 47 years and feel that I'm too old for the Reade pm :worried:....I like the Reade off the easy access and it's more roomy than Malibu. But I like Malibu to come on the shoulder...What do you ladies think?? ...Btw it will be the color framboise..
  2. Reade pm
    Its a cute everyday bag. IMO

    BTW you're only as "old" ass you feel.. if you feel comfy wearing this bag.. GO for it!

  3. Malibu and Reade pm :smile:

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  4. You are not old and i think the reade pm would be the smart choice.
  5. Why not!It will look fab! I like the malibu better but the reade will be good for everyday.
  6. Com'on! 47 is not old. You will look good with Reade pm!
  7. What you think about the Minna street? I think it's cute too!
  8. tell us when you deside.
  9. The Reade PM sounds like it'd be great for you, and 47 is definitely not old!
  10. You'd look great with a Reade. I think the Reade doesn't look young perse just casual. (or more casual than most Vernis pieces)
  11. Hey...stop with the old!!!:biggrin: Im older than you and I would carry it!! No way..go for it. Its a nice bag.
  12. Thank you so very much all of you :smile: You have been very helpfull :smile: I'll let you know when I deside...Thaks!! :smile:
  13. I think I'll go for the Reade :smile:
  14. Minna street is fine too ...but I am not so good at the long strap :sad:

    Btw my other bags are:

    LV Pont Neuf Mocha
    Chloé Paddington baby offwhite
    Chanel Mademoiselle black
    Hermés Birkin 30cm gold

    You see... I need some color LOL
  15. Oooh I love the Pont Neuf, it's such a professional looking bag.

    I think a reede in frambroise would definitely make a "fun" addition ! ;)