Reade Om, yay or nay?

  1. I am thinking of getting a Reade Pm Vernis but don't know whether to just wait and save and get a Bedford. Is ther reade really tiny? I guess it might be nice to have a change from all my big bags. Does it look to small on? Do you have to be really skinny to get away with it as I am not, size 6-8 (US).

    How much can you fit in it and do you use it as a day or evening bag? A few years ago I wouldn't have even thought about it but I seem to have got used to big bags. Is it much smaller than the Speedy?

    Does anyone have any pics of themselves wearing it? :smile:
  2. I'd get one, I want one in Amarante. :yes:
  3. Thanks John. Those of you that have it, how often do you use it?
  4. I prefer the bedford...the reade is cute
  5. The reade is just too small for me~ but a lot of people love theirs!
  6. I love my reade. It is not (for me) tiny, but a lot of people do consider it to be a small bag. I don't carry a lot on a daily basis, just small agenda (as wallet), sunglasses, ipod, coin purse, lipgloss and compact. With all that, I can still carry my dh's camera if I need to.
  7. IMO, I'd save for the bedford. It has a zipper, is a shoulder bag, and has more room in it. The reade is kind of tiny. But it is really cute!
  8. it fits a decent amount. I had one then sold it to my friend. it was never my go to bag, but its cute.
  9. I love the Reade.
  10. I love the reade and would choose that one, but I would have to use it as a going out bag. It is too small for daily use for me, but its adorable.
  11. It's kinda tiny.. and it is open top, like way open which kinda skeeves me out. I don't think you have to be really skinny to wear it, but I think you might as well get a bedford, just out of bag to zipper to value ratio. :yes:
  12. I have owned 2 Reades... and I sold both. I found it to be too small and if it tipped over, everything spills out.
    I would save for the Bedford.
  13. I have one and have no problems with the size or the open top. I certainly don't carry my entire life with me, but the Reade can fit a decent amount, ie. wallet, mini pochette with lip gloss, pens, eye drops, etc., sunglasses + case, key holder, cellphone, and even a small shrug on top. It's a nice little bag to use when you don't want to carry a whole lot with you.
  14. thanks