Reade MM or PM???

  1. I really like this bag, and since this will be my first vernis piece, I was wondering should I go with the mm or the pm, and by the way is the mm discontinued? I don't really see it that much in stores...
  2. I don't really like the open-ness of either but if I had to choose, I'd go with the PM. The MM looks too much like a paper grocery bag to me. I don't think it's discontinued, I just don't think it's all that popular.
  3. I vote for the PM. I agree with Rebecca about the MMs looking like a paper grocery bag.
  4. I just got a PM in the discontinued bronze color.... I love it. It's so cute. I fit my wallet, agenda, mini pochette accessories, 4 key holder, cell phone, and ciggs in it. It holds alot! Good luck!
  5. i'm voting the Reade PM - its such a CUTE bag... its on my want list for sure!!! there are afew posts of members holding their Reade PM's and they look fab!!!
  6. vote goes to PM..:flowers:
    strange i was staring at the PM in LV's site a few hours ago!! :tender:looooooooool
    i saw the pearl IRL and thought it was s:huh:o:huh:o:huh: cute! :love:
    But the Red one on their site i believe is TDF.. although i havent seen it real life yet..
    but still i am concerend about its open-ness as well!! i dont think i will be comfortable with that.:sad:
  7. Reade PM. I bought a fuschia (d/c shade) last night from ebay. I cannot wait to see it. I got it to use at night when I don't have a lot to carry. I think its a really cute bag and I really wanted a vernis piece.

    BTW, I saw some other Reade PMs on ebay including a beautiful red one :smile: and a frambroise one. HTH
  8. Pics??
    not familiar w/ the style
  9. I agree with the PM! I bought the MM a few months ago but I sold it soon after as I found it kind of awkward when carried :huh:
  10. Definitely PM. I used to have both but decided to keep the PM and sold the MM. It's just a bit longish for me.
  11. Reade PM for me too. i'm loving mine :biggrin:
  12. another vote for the PM! :biggrin:
  13. I agree, the PM looks way cuter then the MM.
  14. I like PM better because MM doesn't seem the right . PM is cute.. :biggrin: