Read This Your Feet Will Thank YOU!!

  1. We all see the celebrities with their Christian Louboutin shoes, and then we drool! Well today I was shopping on Ebay, (which can be great for things other than Authentic Handbags!haha!) I really wanted a pair of those cute stacked patent leather shoes that we all see! Well I found a Ebay Powerseller, the name of her store is MISS URBAN, she has the shoes that we all want! Also they are very very reasonably priced and if you buy one pair you can get all additonal pairs free shipping, So get your little booties to this ladies ebay store, your feet will thank you for it!!!!!:yahoo: I posted a picture of the shoes I bought! :nuts: Plus, I did get a pair of shoes similar to this by Steve Madden for my birthday, and lets just say they were just as cute but my pocketbook was empty!
  2. Here are the Pics!
    forme-s-dktan_04.jpg Kylie01-leopard.jpg
  3. Beautiful shoes:love:
    I love the leopard print ones especially. Recently I've been obessesing over leopard prints :wlae:

    EDIT: I just checked out the seller on ebay, her shoes are very reasonable indeed:yes:

    Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  4. I almost got the first pair by steve madden yesterday when I went shoe shopping. I like to look at them on other people but for some reason, they didn't look that great on me so I ended up w/ a pair of kenneth coles. But those are very cute!
  5. OMG!!! My best friend & fellow PF'er also bought some shoes from Miss Urban esp. since additional pairs are free shipping!! The shoes are so cheap & very close to the CL's & the Steve Madden's, except you can buy 3 pairs or more for the price of the Steve Madden's!! I got the black patent platform closed toe shoe & the red patent peep toe slingback shoe. My best friend got the black version of the peep toe slingback.. She has great shoes & her shipping is so fast too!! Looks like she updates her stock pretty quickly too! Check her out ladies for cheap & trendy shoes!:yahoo: :wlae: :nuts:
  6. hi! for those who have purchased from miss urban before, do her shoes run true to size? thanks!
  7. This is very bad....I just went to check it out...and bought a pair!!! Really cute boots...which I don't wear boots too often, so don't like to spend a ton...$39.98 later...I am happy!!!
  8. yes they do!!! I have bought 2 pair in my normal size of 6.5 & they fit perfect!!
  9. But, are they as comfortable as Steve Maddens? Do they fit as well? I recently had a very bad experience with a cheap shoe and don't want to sacrifice my feet for saving a few bucks.
  10. I just received my pair of black patent ... and I don't think they are comfortable at all. They look great though. Thinking of selling them.... and getting a pair of Stuart Weiztman instead ...
  11. I loveeee the gray and purple heels, but I wish they weren't peeptoe w/ wooden heels!!! :sad: