READ this before buying SK--II airbrush foundation

  1. I had read all the great things about this new foundation and decided to try it. I went to Saks at South Coast Plaza. I am 50 with dry skin. But, I am very lucky with no wrinkles ( good genetics). I brought my own moisturizer. It looked horrible. The product actually settled into the fine lines in my forehead and around my eyes. My husband said it looked caked on. The SA even said it looked bad and he took it off because he didn't want me leaving the store looking like that. I could see that on someone young with no fine lines it would look lovely. I asked the SA if he sold much of it. He said it is selling very well, but not to women over 40.

    So, my advice is: before you spend $150 in Saks or $135 on eBay try it first. You have to close your eyes to apply it so it does take some getting used to. Also, if you have ANY fine lines, wrinkles etc. forget it. I think if it is put on lightly on a very young 18-25 year old it would look great.

    Just one womans opinion.
  2. Wow thanks for the honest information! Try Armani, I swear it is the only foundation I have found that I use until the bottle is empty.
  3. Thanks for posting your opinion on here. I have been itching to try this one and now know to definitely try it at the store first!
  4. Thanks for the tip on Armani--I will try it. Although I do love Chanel.:yes:
  5. Hillarys have you tried the new Bobbi Brown luminous moisturizing foundation? It is really nice, very similar to Chanel. I have used La Priaire Caviar and I prefer the BB now. I do alternate between Chanel Pro Lumiere and BB. I also just bought the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer on the days where I want a really good coverage. It mixes well with the Chanel and BB for a more hydrating look with good coverage!
  6. Thanks Ladyzee--I will try the new Bobbi Brown foundation:heart: :heart:
  7. WOW- I am sorry you had a bad experience with it! I bought it from Saks without even trying it because of reviews on here. However, I am 30 and I love SKII. It just makes my skin look so flawless! I get tons of complements from friends on how great my skins looks since I have been using it. I switched from MAC StudioFix. Which is great but I would worry about caking with this. I couldn't use much because it has major coverage!
  8. Hi Syntagma---I wish I was 30 and could wear this:crybaby: :crybaby:
  9. i second the recommendation of Armani - my skin looks flawless like porcelain when i have it on, but it doesn't look makeup-y. they have several different formulas so that you can get one for your skin type. i'm 21 and love it, and so does my 54-year-old mother.
  10. Armani is amazing. My skin looks flawless. I also loooove Jane Iredale Mineral Foundation. It feels like you have nothing on and the coverage is perfect!:heart:

  11. What sort of coverage does armani foundation have would you say?
    ...and is it buildable?
  12. ^ its a full coverage and DEFINATLY buildable..
  13. Yep Armani IS very great foundation. That is the BEST silk foundation I have ever tried. But unfortunately I can't afford $60 a bottle every 2-3 months so I just switched down to Laura Mercier's Luminous Silk foundation for only $40! So far its good!

  14. Thank you BabyBoo! I really have to check this out. My foundation colour (I use Dior skin Fluide in 403) has been discontinued.

    I have to say there seems to be several kinds of Armani foundation, I think HN's stocks them. I need to go and try them out (the problem is I only ever manage to go after work, and usually Im all made-up!). Does anyone have any suggestions for a medium-full coverage matt liquid Armani foundation?
  15. So many great reviews for Armani! I think I have to try this one! Thanks!