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  1. Just browsing and saw these post from sassyraggs!!!
    Why would a personal shopper need to see a Hermes Paris receipt????

    Perhaps I'm too suspicious but this does not ring true.
    Could this be another scam in the offing:mad:
  2. yeah that is definitely suspicious. Sounds like that person wants to get a copy of a receipt so they can fake future receipts.
  3. You never know with people and what they are up too!
  4. I THOUGHT I read here somewhere that Sassyrags and Classiccardigans is one and the same and sells fake bags.....anyone else remember that thread? I'll see if I can find it......

    God I can't stand people like that...preying on innocent people.
  5. Judging from the photos, and "need" to see a recipt after "having" them available ...sounds very fishy to me. Even if you could take it to the boutique, they now keep track of name of buyer with address in the main Hermes stores, so unless your name is on the recipt or you have a "gift" recipt, the store will not exchange anything anyway. The first post on that link is scarry too, the person bid/paid for a vibrato, and got a very fake orange birkin...thank god I have patience and access to a hermes boutique, because I would not have the courrage to buy on line.
  6. Hii SM
    I don't think you'll be able to find as I think Vlad whipped off PDQ.
    They are one in the same person at the moment 'our personal shopper' Tanner is selling the following on ebay.:rant:

    Some poor soul bought item below for just under $10,000, it makes me so bl**dy angry that people like this are permitted to get away with this:censor::rant::censor::rant::censor:

    She also has a kelly and a bolide which look rubbish to me.
  7. :sick: :sick: :mad: someone should sue their ass off
  8. That is terrible and sad,:sad: but the buyer must not be familiar with birkins, it looks very fake even just in the smaller picture.:Push: hopefully the buyer will be able to get their money back.
  9. INTERESTING - 2 of the bags she's listing fit the same description JAG just gave of the inventory of her Hermes NM boutique!! I wonder if she's just taking pix at the store and then will go buy it if someone bids?
  10. If this was a nice world but I think the buyer will have more chance to fly to the moon than get any dosh back from this fraudster:sick:

  11. This is so incredibly frightening.
  12. I don't think I see the buyer giving the seller a feedback, maybe the buyer found out and didn't pay for it?
  13. I have a question???

    On ebay...can't you see the bidder's identity? (or are all of these private?) I think I would get so angry that I would mail these people to tell them what is up!!!

    Know what? Some of them may even have people with phony id's bid up their auctions to make the stuff seem hot/legit.
  14. Whether you can see the bidder's identity depends on the preference set by the seller. Some sellers make the bidders' identities private whereas some make it public. I can understand making bidders' ids private because there are some people out there who will sabotage other seller's legit sales by emailing the the buyers; unfortunately, there are also bad sellers who use it to their advantage and try to scam people.
  15. That's what I'm hoping happens each time they bid tons of money and someone has been able to get through to them to let them know they are about to pay for a non-Hermes bag. Or that they just come to their senses. It's also possible that there are eBayers that make it their job to bid the highest amount so that no others will be scammed out of their money.

    Responsible sellers will say if it's an inspired bag and be upright about what it really is and start the bid accordingly. Irresponsible sellers will pass it off as genuine Hermes without any conscience.

    I think some of the posts on robbreport are highly suspect. Read it, and then come back to the PF.