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Jan 18, 2006
Posting Auctions (eg. eBay) or Private Sale Ads (eg. Bonanzle)

- Discussion of active auctions or private sale ads, including price and condition, is NOT permitted.

- The ONLY place that you can post links to authentic auctions or private sale ads is in the Balenciaga Finds thread.

- You are NOT permitted to post links to your own item nor are you permitted to mention your selling ID.

- If you are having problems with a seller or transaction, please post in the eBay forum for assistance.

The Shopping Section

- This section is for members to authenticate bags, and post inventory and sales at authorized Balenciaga retailers and online stores, and finds.

- Any questions regarding authenticity of an auction or private sale item, retailers, and websites must be posted in the Authenticate This Balenciaga thread.

- The ONLY place that you can post that you are seeking a particular item is in the "Please help me find this Balenciaga..." thread. Any posts stating that an item someone is seeking is on an auction or private sale site will be deleted. Please assist members by posting the availability of items at authorized retailers and online stores.

The Balenciaga Finds Sticky
- Post ONLY the link
- Authenticate the item BEFORE posting
- No chatter or comments
- No drama

Thanks for taking the time to read the rules - they make for less drama and more fun around here. :tup:

Any questions, please feel free to contact Jira, Addy or littlerock.
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