Read me please!

  1. Quick word about the new Sub-Forums. . .
    the Reference Library should not have new threads posted in there, it's ONLY for reference purposes. For example, if you have a bag or Chanel accessory we'd LOVE you to post pics and prices, colors, etc. . . in the appropriate thread. If there's not one PM me and I can start one.
    It is NOT a Forum in which to ask questions or make comments, it's FOR PHOTOS ONLY.

    The Shopping Forum is a little less strict, it's basically for any shopping or buying questions. Like if you're curious if a store carries a bag or where you can find something or if you spot a hard to find item, etc. . . .

    Otherwise, this main Chanel Forum is where most questions or comments go.

    I know this could be confusing. . . please ask if you have any questions!:cutesy:
  2. ~~bump!~~
  3. I have noticed threads moving from the main forum to the shopping forum. I guess you must be having a hard time doing all the moving.:sweatdrop:
  4. ^yes and people are posting random threads in the Refrence Library. . . which seems funny as it's obvious to me what does and does not belong in that specific sub-Forum.
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