****READ ME!! Please Use the Search Feature/Make Titles Descriptive****

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  1. LADIES- i saw this thread in the Balenciaga forum, and I think its a really good idea, so i am copying it over here.

    With a lot more girls joining the RM forum, it is really important to keep the forum neat, organized, and interesting.

    create threads that can be used for future reference, and general ease of usability please use the following guidelines when posting:

    When starting a new thread give it a DESCRIPTIVE TITLE so it can be easily searched for...

    Please stay away from asking questions about leather types, cleaners/protectors, etc.

    There are plenty of threads on this, and if you NEED further clarification PLEASE BUMP AN OLD THREAD INSTEAD OF STARTING A NEW ONE.

    Just for clarification- I'm not trying to be rude or anything, so please don't take this in the wrong way, but it is seriously pointless to ask the same question over and over, and ask the girls to answer them over and over again! I love our girls on the RM forum, and am very welcoming to the newbies! So please ladies, lets keep our forum the BEST!:love:

    Thank you!:biggrin:

  2. :tup::goodpost:
  3. The search tool doesn't work well for me a lot of times. Also, that's the way message boards and forums always turn out. People ask the same questions over and over. How many things are there really to talk about regarding handbags. :smile: If it's a topic that is repeatedly asked and it bothers people, for some reason, it should be made sticky by a mod. I personally don't mind. I sound like a broken record on most of the boards I post on.
  4. ^^like they've mentioned in the other forums, the stickys start to get lesser and lesser views once they start to add more of them....

    there is an advanced search option and you should try to do searchs with as minimal words possible so you get more hits. The search feature is GREAT, and the MOD's really want us to follow this.

    In other forums, like deals & Steals, and balenciaga, the Mod's will close threads that are asking the same stuff, and tell you to do a search as well. Just look at "find more posts" option for Swanky Mama Of three... there are so many threads closed for the reasons i've posted above....

    Again- I'm not trying to be rude, but we have a lot of new people joining the forum which is absolutely great, so we need to keep it as interesting as possible!

    If you can't find the answers you looking for by searching, than instead of starting a NEW thread- BUMP AN OLD THREAD thats already started!
  5. good idea
  6. this is a great suggestion desi. i agree that people should do a search and continue with a pre-existing thread rather than make a new thread for each individual topic that may have been addressed elsewhere!
  7. ^^;)
  8. I def agree Desi :tup:
  9. Bump
  10. ^^Bump

    Hi ladies, I think everyone have noticed and are delighted that the forum has lots of new people visiting, so welcome!:welcome:I know everyone is super excited and have tons of questions they are dying to have answered, just like I did very recently. Desi started this thread to encourage everyone to do a search first before posting because the information to be found in an the existing threads are usually far more useful than anything you'll get in a new thread. Prob 90% of questions can be answered this way, since we are all so excited and leave no stone unturned! I hope no one interprets this as being mean or insensitive, I'm sure everyone understands we are all delighted that everyone wants to know more about RM!:tup:
  11. bump
  12. I agree. This information is not meant to be insensitive or mean but a good rule of thumb is before starting a new thread try to do a search beforehand. You will be surprised to find that this topic was addressed earlier and much more comprehensively. Also you will notice that there was some stickys addressing things like "deals & steals" that may be resourceful for posting updates on deals instead of starting a new thread.
  13. I was talking to my BF last night about tPF and he said that on the guy forums - in particular the hardcore watch forums, if you so much as try to post something that has been addressed repeatedly or even talk about stuff like cost the mod will automatically and permanently ban you from the forum! I was like :wtf: Thank god ladies are so much nicer, more helpful and more understanding than guys :girlsigh:
  14. I have been hanging out in this forum since it started and I agree to do a search. However this is kinda starting to sound kind of intimitating to new people. This is just for fun and I hope now that it is growing we don't take it too seriously!
  15. ^^ Nono, definitely not...its obvious the guys in the watch forum are taking it way too seriously and need to get over it. I've only been around for a couple of months myself and am often confused and have a lot of questions, but I do think that a little organization goes a long way in terms of keeping the info consolidated and useful. The larger a forum gets the more mods are needed...I'm not a mod, so I'll step out now, but I think everyone agrees that we like the subforum drama free, educatonal, and fun! :flowers: