Read in LVMH Stock Report: All New Mono Pieces to Be Offered in Damier

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  1. Wouldn't that be the best news if it were true?:yahoo:

    I am an LVMH stockholder and a Damier lover. I keep hoping to see something like that some day.

    Don't they know how many of us write about our wait for Damier Neverfulls and Lockits?:wlae:
  2. I hope so!! I am very fond of the damier collection! Thanx for the news!!!!!
  3. YES! :woohoo: The LV gods we're listening!

    I've dreaming and hoping for the Lockit Horizontal in Damier!:happydance:
  4. That would be great!! Love love damier! I need to add a sac plat to my collection!
  5. That would be wonderful! Loving the Damier...
  6. Sounds great to me! I would love to see more Damier!
  7. Yes, sound great :love: I want BH & LH Damier :p
  8. Oh Damier Lockit would be sweet.
  9. Ooohh, I would :heart: a Damier Lockit :love:
  10. That would fantastic (but extremely dangerous:nuts:)!!!
  11. I would love a BH in damier :heart: Great news, but probably not great for my wallet :p
  12. I guess the bigger selection the better. But personally I'm a bit tired of both of those series. :p
  13. I think he's just joking ;)
  14. It would be great to see a damier Manhattan, but anyways, I guess we can dream...
  15. Ohhh a Brown Damier Petite Noe.... :love: