Read em and weep sistas!!!

  1. Look at my new beauty!!! Thanks for your help Selena!!!:yahoo:
    pics 094.jpg pics 093.jpg
  2. Congrats on your new bag, Sunshine! I saw Salena's pic and I thought it was TDF! Great addition to your collection!! Oh also... Congrats on becoming a new MOD! :yahoo:
  3. Absolutely stunning! I bet you'll look fabulous carrying it.
  4. wahoooo congrats sunshine!


  5. its a beauty sunshine!!!!! congrats!!!
  6. DANG woman!!!!!!! That bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

    {sorry I didn't respond to your PM the other day. . . been busy ;) ;)}
  7. Pretty, pretty bag---congratulations!!
  8. OMG!! YOU got it!! We are twins now!!! Love it!!! Sooo much. But I guess you know that right? LOL
  9. Forgot to say CONGRATS!!!!!
  10. I love, love, love this bag! The colour is gorgeous!
  11. THAT is pretty !!!!!!!
  12. So pretty, I love that color. Congrats
  13. Love it! I have one on its way too! :yahoo:
  14. That colour is fabulous!
  15. congrats!!!