Read about purse forum in the NY Times

  1. I learned about this site after reading about a group Purse Forum Hermes fanatics in the New York Times fall fashion magazine two weeks ago. I thought I would check it out as I have a budding collection of Dior bags and accessories.

    I have been fan of Dior bags and accessories since I bought my first City Dior bag, just prior to the City Dior ad campaign featuring Gwyneth Paltrow. It's still my favorite bag of my Dior collection though I tend to favor the sleek design of my black Lady Dior bag I purchased in fall 2004.

    Another favorite is a wallet with the 1950's-style chrome Dior logo that I purchased from Saks New York, which the boutiques did not carry.

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  2. Hi there Limo Heals - I just recently joined too .. after never having a Dior bag to having 2 in a week and a matching purse ..... well I think the first bag I was rushed into but the Sales Assistant ... but nevermind - I love the bag .. just not the price it carries hahaha
  3. Welcome...this is the start of many handbags to come...enjoy!!!