reactions when you see fake CL's on people

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  1. i don't know what it is about this, but whenever i see fake CL's on someone it annoys the crap out of me. i know companies make look alikes and that's fine, but don't go as far as painting the soles red too. it's even more annoying when the girl wearing them poses like they are real. i guess it would fool 99% of the general public, but not anyone here.

    last weekend, i saw someone sitting at the bus stop, flutter kicking her fake CL's and showing off the red soles. i wanted to throw a tomato at her. can you imagine the visual? i thought flutter kicks were only supposed to be done on an exercise mat?

    tell me i'm not alone?
  2. so as I mentioned in another post, I see it all the time. I dont want to throw tomatoes at them LOL .. but they dont cause any other particular reaction either. I would be so enthralled and excited to see someone with genuine CLs! a copy makes me feel *blah* about it, they might as well have been wearing some plain old shoe.

    I will only impose CL elitism on myself I guess is what I am trying to say.
  3. Your sooooooo not alone!!!
    I cant stand it. I saw a girl once with fake ones on & a fake LV!!! I looked at her & she looked at me up and down until she got to my CL's then she quickly looked away. haha
  4. I laugh. I just had an incident happen on Tuesday. I was on a escalator at the Kennedy Center when I heard one woman behind me say to her friend about me look at her shoes, red bottoms like yours. Since I've never seen anyone in wearing Louboutins around here but I know there are many Loubou lovers/buyers in the DC area, I got excited and turned to see her shoes. I looked at the front of the shoe and I knew straight away that they were not Loubous. As they walked past me, I looked at the back of the shoe and the red wasn't a true Loubou red so I just laughed to myself and kept walking. In a few years all those women that like Louboutin only because they're trendy will have moved on and I won't have as many opportunities for amusement so I enjoy them now.
  5. it's so funny because last night i was at a party and i noticed my cousin wearing black patent simples. i was so excited! so i went to compliment her shoes.... turns out they were oh deers :sad: i was like "oh" and didn't know what to say so i asked if they were comfy. lol. i was wearing my nude satin yoyo zeppas and i noticed a lot of people checking out my shoes though. lol.
  6. Friday on my way to work, I saw a girl with red soles. As she was coming near me, I could clearly see the red underneath her shoe. I couldn't help but to turn around and look at her shoes as she walked away. The shoes were blue with white poka dots and a gold heel. It was not a pretty sight.
  7. That's too funny. I'm not sure if I would be able to tell if something was a fake CL.
  8. are you guys talking about like .. "oh deers"
    or actual fake knock off CL's

    grr it makes me sooo madd that i dont know if shoes are real or fake on ebay anymore!!!

    thank god we have a section for that
  9. It really irritates me because I have always been a person who would rather not have it than to wear fakes... I mean I don't get CL's as often as some of the girls here but when I get them I appreciate them unlike thos wearing fakes its like they just DON'T GET IT
  10. Some of the girls may not know that they have fake the ones who shell out $350+ on eBay on something that has been identified here as a clear fake. They may not know.

    Now the ones who do know that they're fake are just sad. Along with the ones who buy the fake LV purses that are bad bad bad fakes (multicolor with only 3 colors...WTF??).

    I've posted this before, I know...but someone thought my sister's LV purse was "such an excellent knockoff" and asked where my sister got it. My sister just glared at her and said "the Louis Vuitton store."
  11. I have had this happen to me before too!!!!!! Another reason why I dont buy LV's as much anymore.
    I hate when people are rude like that too.
    I had a lady to that to me in a store. She had the same Mini looping bag as me, but mine was real & hers was BEYOND fake. She asked me how much I got mine for & I said around 6 & she was like $6?????!!!??? I was like NO $600. She freaked out & said "& I thought the $150 I paid was a lot" and she walked away. lol
  12. I don't say anything unless they try to pass them off as real to becomes who let the dogs. I hate anything fake...I hate Oh Deers...sorry to anyone that has em...why can't they be like Steve Madden and copy without the red sole:shame:
  13. :yucky:
  14. Hmm I have never seen any red sole in Seattle, real of fake, until last thursday. Maybe I don't go out enough... and I am not sure if I can tell fake CL.:shrugs:
  15. OK, I have to ask, what's an "Oh Deer"??