Reaction to the monogram

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  1. One of the other threads on compliments got me thinking on how LV bags are perceived in my city...

    While a trip to the local Zara will reveal teens carrying their NFs and Speedys galore, Starbucks will disclose some Eva and Favorite wearers, some (very stylish but very few) men will be spotted strolling the street with their messengers, and ever so often, you'll catch a glimpse of a Hampstead, Bloomsbury, Trevi, Kensington adorning the wearer's shoulder.

    The biggest observation in it all is that ninety nine percent of times, it would either be the damier ebene or the azur canvas. The mono design (any designer) does not seem to be that popular here because most people are toned down and frown at any display of luxury. The city is by no means lacking in luxury or affluence since there is an entire street dedicated to luxury stores. Personally, I'm also stared at (not in a good way) when wearing the mono (I only own two mono Speedys - classic 30 and Idylle so far) and although it doesn't really bother me, it does make you more conscious of coming across as boastful and I personally hate drawing attention to myself.

    Curious to know... How are monogram bags or LV in general perceived in your city? Do you also get heat/hate when you carry your beloved purses?
  2. I see mostly monogram here in Portland, Oregon with Damier Ebene a close second. Azur is really only seen for a few months here. While I see at least two or three monogram pieces everyday, I can't recall ever seeing anyone carrying empriente or epi.
  3. In LA- you definitely see lots of monogram. But TBF...all canvas print is worn equally.
  4. Honestly, I think the damier canvas is practically as ostentatious as the mono canvas.
  5. In my city, lots of people carry monogrammed bags. LV is the most you will see on the streets both in mono and damier prints followed very closely by Coach's logo'ed bags. Then you see a few smattering of Gucci's logo bags here and there. Although you will also see Chanel's and Bottega Veneta's, they're not as ubiquitous as LV and Coach. The net effect of all this reaction at all.

    I've never gotten heat for what I carry, only compliments on a couple of pieces I own, both from co-workers and a few strangers.
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    My city is very tolerant towards fashion and I see all of the canvas prints in a sort of balanced way...this week I saw an DA and a DE Neverfull, a Cherry Speedy, a mono Favourite, and a DA Zippy being held like a clutch. There are also Gucci's, Burberry's, and a spattering of Chanel and Balenciaga.
    The mass majority of designer bags are Coach, MK, and Kate Spade with an occasional Dooney and Bourke or Tory Burch. The general population of bags are the type from leather and luggage stores, Walmart, etc.

    The overall reaction towards monogram, or even LV in general, is either curiosity or indifference but I have yet to encounter a rude person or nasty stares. If it IS done then it's behind my back and that means whoever has a bee in their bonnet is in a real good position to kiss my @$$.
  7. In my country monogram is noticed, damier not.
  8. Where I live, what I notice is that people who know LV and its various patterns will notice all LV, be it by canvas or leather monogram, damier, epi, or taiga and bag shape. People who only know labels will look longer at monogram and not at all at the others.
  9. So true
  10. I live in southern England and people don't seem to notice the damier print, but they definitely noticed the mono.
  11. In my city I see as much DE as I see Mono. What I don`t see often is DA. Might be because of the bad weather ;)
  12. I'm in New York City "fashion capital"...Mono, DE, DA...they are everywhere.
  13. Monogram is very much back in fashion if you will. From Paris to London to wherever. MCM, LV, MK, even the older coach bags and Gucci. I love it. And I love LV monogram the most😊
  14. +1
  15. I live in Atlanta and I see Mono the most, followed by DA. Never DE. And we use our DA year round.
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