Reaction to Ms B...

  1. OK, so I was raised in "they're all your sisters!" type mentality from my Mom, regarding other women if I ever said anything catty or disparaging about another gal while I was growing up.

    So as an adult, I've found I have a real sisterhood mentality. I will compliment anyone who has a special somethin goin on, and I mean it.

    But on one of my first outings shopping with Ms B (my 35cm Ebene Birkin), I was returning a scarf Nordies had left the security tag on. I was happy, having a great hair/outfit day, and strolled by a gal in line and smiled at her. Proximity, you know?

    She looked at my bag and SNEERED at me! A loooong, lasting sneer! I couldn't beleive it. And she kept it up too, to occasionally turn around for a repeat performance!! LoL When people are slightly aggressive like that it always kinda makes me ponder. I mean, I wasn't coming off snobby or anything... I gave her an honest, genuine smile (prally cause I like to chat when I'm stuck in lines and a real smile usually warms people up) and I was definitely friendly. So it wasn't me.

    Could Ms. B inspire that kind of attitude from just one look?

    I am very ok with the whole thing; I didn't bring it up for consoling or anything. I laughed it off then (to myself)and don't care now. I just wanted to know if others have had the same experiences... or better yet, friendly ones! Complimentary ones! After all, we ARE sisters!! :flowers:
  2. I think the sisterhood thing is a myth.

    Yes there are *some* women we meet who are truly wonderfuld 'sisters' and we should cherish them.

    The rest are catty and jealous.

    Sorry to sound so disillusioned, but this is just the way it is. And Ms B and her sisters provoke the best as well as the worst in people. People simply cannot handle that somebody else has something that seems so unobtainable to them. They simply cannot.
  3. No no don't be sorry I hear ya!! Shoot, women can def be catty... I've even had freindly chats with gals at games who then went over to hit on DH when I went to the bathroom!! :wtf: LoL

    I don't mind sneers, I'm used to catty gals. I worked in the fashion industry for almost 15 years, so uh, yeah I've seen the nastiest of prima donnas!! It just makes me think about how women are becoming more and more isolated in their cars (never talk to neighbors), jobs (never get out to socialize), and cell phones (they can go through life never talking to anyone around them, meeting anyone).

    For some reason scarves are never like that. Gals will always come up and rave to me about a scarf!! Go figure!
  4. Angelfish, could that have been her attempt at a smile? :shrugs:
  5. Aw, you sound like me :smile:

    Nooooooo that was a nasty, nasty sneer. No mistaking it.
  6. Well, maybe it was PMS? Or maybe, she's just jealous...either way...don't let her ruin your day.
  7. I agree with hello2703. It may sound harsh, but I think it's the reality...
    I wish it were otherwise!!

  8. I think you are overthinking it.............maybe she was embarassed you caught her looking at your bag. I dont anyone cares that much about your bag that they would sneer at you.
  9. I would have gone up to her and asked if there is something wrong with her face? :roflmfao: :devil:

    Enid Blyton stories comes to mind... wind blows and face get stuck with a certain expression until some magic thingy and lesson learnt made the face all better again.

    I'm sorry that one of your first outing with your birkin had some not-too-nice experience. I hope the rest of your birkin outings will only get better! ;)
  10. Could they just admiring Ms B? admiring the colour and how good it looks on you ;)
    I always think in a positive way :smile:
  11. LoL You guys are great :smile:

    Not upset in the least. It is fun taking Ms B for walks no matter how other people feel about it :graucho:

    I was just wondering if anyone here has had FUN or sweet experiences with strangers while they were out, since mine reminded me of a scene from my highschool days lol

    (when, mind you, dinosaurs were on the menu :supacool:)
  12. The world is made up of many types of people. Some are not gracious at all ~ I am hopeful that this is still the minority. I ususally try to write it off as someone like this woman was just having an off day! The other day I went to my local grocery store. I had a scarf on and got repeated noticable stares, not jeers but second looks. I had never experienced that strong a reaction before so maybe it's "something in the air."

    I'm sorry Angelfish that this woman (for whatever reason) could not or choose not to be friendly. I wish I had seen you 'cause I luv to see other H bags and strike up a conversation with their owners.
  13. Maybe it was just her version of a long adoring gaze.....?

    I can't believe I am sharing this, but, when my 6 year old comes across a person with a 'non winning' expression, she asks..... 'Mommy, is that lady bunged up?' Always a possibility.....
  14. Usually no one looks at me when I am carrying a Birkin. I am pretty nondescript; I think I just don't register on peoples' radar screen in the hustle and bustle of everyday life here. So most of the time I don't get any looks or if I do, am not seeing them.
    I was in Target recently, dressed down, in black, carrying a black Birkin, and a woman shopping next to me asked, "Excuse me..." and I looked up, surprised but not annoyed at all, just curious, and she continued, "May I ask, where did you get..." and then I am thinking, ?my sweater ?my shoes... and she continued on: "...your bag?" and I look down and see it's a Birkin. I was completely nonplussed and stammered, not unkindly but just awkwardly, "Uh...Paris..." with a genuinely embarrassed smile--and she said "Oh." and walked away.
    It didn't make me feel very good but I didn't know what else to do.
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    A distinct possibility. I usually then delight in winding them up as much as possible when this happens.