reaction of LV boutique when authenticating

  1. I was wonder how the staff reacts when you go into LV to have a bag (purchased elsewhere) authenticated.

    Are they more than happy to help and look over ? Do they give you something in writing? Are they snooty or happy for you ?

    (will they confiscate a fake ?!)
  2. Some boutiques refuse to authenticate, some SAs are snotty, and some SAs are happy to help you out. Unfortunately, none of the boutiques are consistent with their policies.
  3. I have my favorite SA in my local LV boutique, he helps me with authentication and he is the one I look for when purchasing new bag as well.
    I don't have any problems with him, as a matter of fact every time I take an Ebay purchase to the boutique he comments to others SA what good deals I always find on Ebay:yes:
  4. I don't think they will give you any written authentication nor will they confiscate the fake item. Also, whether they are snooty or happy, that depends on the SA. I heard some boutiques even stop authenticate at all.
  5. OT- but I once saw a lady with a fake MC Papillon at the LV store at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and she was asked to leave the store.
  6. I'm not surprised!
    But can you imagine the embarassment?
  7. I guess some people know they're buying fake and are ok with it and others don't know.
    I probably wouldn't have until I researched it (and bought straight from the boutique.
  8. I can't believe that somebody can have the b*lls to get a bag authenticated at the store. My store refuses to do it and my SA told me that the company don't do it anymore.
  9. LV says that they will give verbal authentcations, but the stores in my area refuse. I don't blame them, some of the SAs have no clue about stock on hand, let alone what makes a bag authentic. the only way to be sure of a second hand bag is to send it in for repair, they will send it back declining the repair if the bag is fake.
  10. Why not? I done it few times and I am not ashame of it, they should not dicontinue great bags, :crybaby: many LV new customers like me would love to find all these discontinued pieces at the store, saddly this is not the case, so buying used bags is the only way to go. I don't see why LV should deny us the information, I am lucky to have a great service at my local LV boutique, they don't give me authentication on writing but I don't need it, a verbal authentication it is all I need:yes:
  11. Will they tell you the reason they decline the repair because it is fake? Or simply just decline without stating the reason?
  12. Yeah - LV doesn't authenticate anymore as a policy.:yes:

    I talked to someone at LV that said that they are no longer authorized to authenticate bags. They said that it helps promote parallel market sales, which is a big LV no-no :angel:

    She also said it helps deter people from trying to buy for less and then end up with fakes, which is bad for the company image :yes:

    I would not take it to the store, real or fake, because I think it makes one look less if there's an issue with a particular SA or manager. I think the best way is just to know what you're getting is real, in-store or online.

    And if you're not sure, ask us in the PF :yes: We'll definitely help you! :P
  13. i went to LV last night and there was a lady standing there, looking for a bag and was talking to a SA carrying AN OBVIOUSLY FAKE perfo speedy :yucky: *it even got GLITTER on it* :roflmfao: :roflmfao: but the SA still serve with her though.
    i was laughing since i left the store and cant stop talking about it with my sis, the girl that bring fake might feel embarassed with her fake and put it on the floor next to her shopping bag instead of on the desk

    :sweatdrop: sorry this is out of topic but i have to share this story with u guys
  14. "I can't believe that somebody can have the b*lls to get a bag authenticated at the store. My store refuses to do it and my SA told me that the company don't do it anymore."
    I can't believe you can make such a statement. My SA will look at anything for me. Don't you have a good relationship with an SA?
  15. I think the authentication process is probably especially confusing as it pertains to Vintage bags and styles.

    all this makes sense though.