? Re: zipper opening on Epi Speedy 30

  1. A wk or so ago when I visited LV...I decided to take a look at the Epi line. The SA brought out the new color "cannelle" (OOOooo, Awwww...:heart: ) in the Speedy 25. I liked it alot! But didn't like that the opening, the zipper stopped about a 1/2" from the end of the bag, on both sides. The zipper didn't go all the way across like the mono, damier speedies..

    I was wondering is that the same for the Epi Speedy 30??? Does the zipper go ALL the way across to the ends of the bag (the opening) on the Epi Speedy 30?

    Also, I went to the vuitton site and elux...As far as the Epi in the 30, is it available in Cannelle? At vuitton.com there was only red, black I think, (I know it didn't show cannelle). Hmm..

    Anyone know?? TIA!
  2. Yes, zipper is the same on speedy 30.:sad:
  3. Yes, the zipper open for epi speedy 30 is just like 25; it's not all the way to the end...but the open on 30 is not that bad:P
  4. BUT, because epi speedy 30 is almost 35", the zipper itself is the same length as on damier/mono speedy (KWIM):
  5. Thx all!!!!!!;)

    Thx for the pic Irene!!!!!!!:yes:

    Hmm..Got another ? LOL!! The reg. 25 size speedy (mono, cerise, etc.) If you lined those up w/ the epi 25 speedy are those openings the same as well...??

    Isn't the epi 25 a bit bigger in size than the reg. mono 25 also??

    Thx again!!:yes:
  6. I know what you mean about the zipper on the epi speedy, if only it opened all of the way, the bag would be perfect. My Cannelle Speedy 25 arrived from Elux today :nuts: I LOVE it, I will post pics tomorrow or Monday when the PHH is away. :graucho:
  7. hi there :smile:
    congrats on your new speedy! I'm looking to get one too..hehe..but then I was checking on ELUX, but didnt notice that they had speedy in Epi? May I know when you ordered it? and the retail?
    Thanks! ;)

  8. Thanks! :heart: I ordered it Wednesday night, it was the last one. I had it in my cart for a day or two, but when I realized they were down to one, I hit submit and I forgot to use ******. :sad: But I did get free shipping and no tax, it was $885. ;)
  9. wow ur lucky! :P
    I just chatted with the ELUX person and they said they are totally sold out on that :sad: . May I know what ****** is? and how were you able to get no tax? (sorry a lot of q, but first time ordering LV online)

    cant wait to see pics of ur new bag!:wlae:
  10. ^^^ Elux has locations/operations in CA and TN only, so other states are not taxed by them. ****** is a website you can go thru when you order and you get a rebate back. I think Elux is 3 or 4 %. I use ****** quite a bit, but I forgot this time. :sad:
  11. Cool, I can't wait to see pics! Congrats!! That "Cannelle" color is so pretty! Very traditional, classic!:love: Neutral, goes w/ everything!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  12. i cant wait to see the speedy in cannelle too. at first i thought the color was so dull but the more i look at it the more i want one in that color. i want a epi speedy and still debating which size to get and what color but i think i have made my mind up to get the speedy in cannelle. i think i will make a pass on the mini lin speedy.

    please can you post pic with you holding it?? thanks