Re: White Seam - anyone have this problem?

  1. White seams - anyone have this problem?

    My bag is about a year old - and the bottom seam is WHITE and noticeable, especially on a black bag. Anyone have this problem? What can I do? I almost want to color it - but I think it'd kill me :sad:

  2. My ink is probably too new for that to happen! Oh, I don't even know what to tell you other than your bag still looks great! Where did you buy it from?
  3. i think it looks great too LivinLuxuriously & i wouldn't worry about it one bit :smile:
  4. To be honest with you if it bugs you rub a Black Sharpie on it - I do this on my expensive leather boots when I scuff the damn pointy toes.

    No one will know and it will make you happy. :amuse:
  5. wow! your black b-bag is beautiful... i havent noticed this on any of my b-bags... maybe you should do what Loganz has suggested... ;)
  6. Someone on TFS awhile back suggested sharpie-ing it - but i dont know, I mean, can I really use a permanent marker on a $1200.00 bag??? Ugh!

    My bag began doing that about 2 months after owning it. Some people back when on TFS noticed the same problem on darker bags :mad:
    I bought the bag from Barneys in Beverly Hills. I live in New York, and I waitlisted at Barneys in manhattan, Neiman Marcus in white plains, Neiman Marcus in jersey (in the GSP), and I called Balenciaga USA and did their credit card waitlist thing - but she told me it'd take up to 6 months to get one because black is the biggest seller because it's neutral. After about 2 months of waitlisting I got in contact with my friend in LA, who's friends with an SA in the handbag department of her Barneys. Her friend told me they had just gotten one in and she would take it off the waitlist and sell it to ME. I was SOOOOOOO happy!

    I really love my bag - it's a year old and still looks great, but that damn white seam!! Why does it do that?!
  7. I love your bag so much! I just bought this same bag from someone here. Seeing you pictures of the bag makes me so happy I have it! I got it last week. It's from 6/05. That hasn't happened to my bag as of yet but it has barely been used. I know what you mean about using a sharpie on a $1200.00 bag- sounds insane but if it bothers the hell out of you then just do it! If you can live with it then just leave it alone.
    Maybe it happens b/c of the weight of everything that is held in it? I have no other idea why it happens!
  8. I don't think I would use a Sharpie, I would probably go to the shoe repair shop and ask what they recommend. They probably have a high quality shoe polish they use to repair scuffs that would be perfect for this. Good luck!
  9. I agree!:yes:
  10. Aww I'm glad you love it - it's such a safe color and so city-grunge-chic. What pisses me off is that when all said and done my bag came to over $1,300.00 with tax and airmail from California! Arg! Hope you got a good deal on yours - they really are beautiful bags. I had a pale rose I'd gotten for my birthday (city), but I sold it on ebay having never used it because (1) I hate pink and (2) I was in deperate need of rent money. God knows I would have loved to have sold it for a new bag :cry:
  11. See the thing is that it's not a scuff, it's the interior lining, like what the bag is actually made of :blink:
  12. Are you sure? The interior lining is black - so how could white be showing?
    When leather scuffs it looks white and has a suede texture.

    And, for the record, the reason a Sharpie works is because it is waterproof and transfer-proof, unlike shoe polishes.

    It is really not that odd, this is what people use to fix scuffs on black shoes, even the $1000 shoes. :amuse:

    Shoe polish on unfinished leather will transfer.
  13. I love the leather:yes:
  14. if it's really bugging you, i'd take it to the b-bag store in nyc & see if they have any recommendations :smile:
  15. It looks like that might be from being rubbed against things so that the dye is lifting off... Is it on a seam that's against your body?

    I would recommend going to a very reputable shoe/leather care professional. Ask the high-end department stores/boutiques in your area to find out where they send their repairs. If you want to try fixing it on your own, I'd try a black shoe polish over the sharpie... But then you might run the risk of it rubbing off on to your clothing.