Re: Vintage Bag...When is it okay to re-dye a bag?

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  1. After my first--and successful...go me!--dyeing experience, I'm eager to try out my newly-acquired skill on another bag.

    I have a couple options, both involving somewhat-worn, vintage bags (one I own already, and one I'm checking out on eBay).

    However, I'm curious as to what the proper protocol regarding dyeing vintage is.

    1. Is it okay to re-dye a vintage bag, or does that negatively impact its value?

    2. Must one dye a bag the same color (more or less) as its original color, or is it okay to dye it a very different color? After all, the serial numbers often correspond to certain styles and colors, right? I would hate to dye an authentic bag a different color, only for someone else to conclude its fake because the serial number doesn't match that color bag.

    Any thoughts on the matter?
  2. Dying will with most people devalue the bag in regards if you considered reselling it later on down the line.

    However, for how it looks and "visual affect" yes it makes it look much better :smile: and some people are interested in getting a re-furbed and re-colored bag even if it means that it's not in the same shape it was sold at from Coach initially.

    So the next question comes down to this: Are you doing it for your own use or for re-selling necessity?

    If it's for you, then do whatever you want :smile: If it's for re-selling, then consider that all of your potential buyers might not want a self-dyed bag despite it being authentic coach (but not an authentic Coach re-dye job).