Re: transferring bags from one H boutique to another

  1. Question for the experts:

    I've found a bag in another boutique that I've been dying to have. The handbag is a few states away. They asked if I was calling from another store and I said no, I was just looking for this particular bag.

    If they're willing to ship it, does anyone know what method they typically use, and how long it takes? I'm out of town for a week and am afraid if it gets to my store before I do, they may offer it to somebody else or another SA will swipe it from mine, even if she's holding for me.

    Has this ever happened to anyone? I'd have to really take desperate action to have it shipped to me straight from the out of state store, and I don't really want to do that.

    Anybody? I'd be grateful for some insider trading tips here.:heart:
  2. Can you pre pay, that way it's yours!
  3. If they will ship it, then have them ship to you. If they will only ship to your store, then you should be able to pay for it in advance and ensure that no one will be able to swipe it. :shrugs:
  4. Costs about $50 to have it sent and you will have to pay the sales tax in your location if there is a boutique in your city/state.
  5. You can ask them to ship it directly to you ! From my experiences, they always use Fedex..and you can choose the 2nd day or ground options.. or you can call your SA and ask her to locate the bag you're talking about and hold it for you until you pick it up in the store.
    What bag is it ?? Spill, Spill, SPILL !!
  6. I'd buy it today and have them ship it, but it's a $15K bag. I need until next week to access the funds so I thought this would be a good alternative - unless they make me pay for it before they'll ship. I'm not sure even the nicest SA would hold a bag for a week. :sad:
  7. I think I've gone certifiably insane - I need so many other things more than a new exotic bag but I gotta have this one! lol
  8. ^They might if it isn't a Kelly or Birkin. Can't you hold it with a cc payment?
  9. Wow. They might make you pay for it before they will ship. Who knows?
    As for holding it for a week, you never know what they may do. Bags that cost that much don't move as quickly off of the shelves. If your SA knows you are a good customer, and knows he/she can trust you to buy and not balk, then maybe something can be worked out. Ask your SA if you can put a deposit on the bag to hold it.
    That sounds like an exotic bag for that price. Is it ostrich? :graucho:

  10. I'll give you a hint: It's 35 cm......!:whistle:
  11. I'm waiting for my SA to call me back. Jesus Christ, I've got pins and needles - going nuts with anticipation! lol

    I've been wanting this one for AGES. Yes, it's exotic....not a kelly.
    I've never heard of them taking a deposit but I'd be more than happy to do that. I'll see if she'll do it when she calls me back. Last time she held a smaller bag for me, she was REALLY nice about it and even though I called on her a day when she was out and left her a message that I was going to buy something else instead, they forgot to give her the mssg. and she called me to make sure I didn't want it before offering it to another customer.

    THAT'S what I call a good SA. Thanks for all the tips!
  12. :wtf: !!!! 35cm Ostrich....Kelly.....Birkin......Bolide ????? You're such a tease !

    ----> just saw your post....bolide ?:graucho:
  13. That sounds like an ostrich or maybe a lizard birkin.
  14. Sophie...Taking it slow is offically over??? Or starting in two weeks??? LOL... So, an ostrich birkin???
  15. Must be a 35cm Ostrich Birkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!