Re-thinking Coach Purchase! HELP!

Returning Coach Bag

  • Yes, return it

  • No, just don't get it dirty!

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Jun 6, 2007
To all who LOVE LOVE Coach like moi.. I need some expertise! I bought the Coach Scribble Tote yesterday and NOW I'm re-thinking my purchase! I loveddd this bag when I first saw it on the website and kept being drawn to it in the boutique yesterday so I bought it. The sales person warned me it will need a little maintenance as it's WHITE... I've taken it out of the dust bag several times and found lint already... I'm not really the high maintenance type that has a person waiting on her hand and foot...I'm also known for being accident prone and I don't think I can maintain this bag... Should I return it???



In LVoe...
Jan 21, 2007
The fabric is treated to be stain resistant, but it will get some dirt with use. If you don't think you can maintain it, I say take it back. You'll be too paranoid about getting it dirty to enjoy it. If you like the pattern, how about getting a wristlet or something?


Kailey's Mommy
Jan 8, 2007
I LOVE that bag, but I know it will get super dirty - no matter how careful you are with it! If you are okay with that...keep it. Otherwise, I would return it and (like another TPFer said) get an accessory in that pattern.


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Apr 9, 2007
I have a small tote from the original scribble line. It's 2 years old and in great shape. If it gets some dirt I just wipe it clean with a baby wipe. I've never scotch guarded it either. I you truly love it, keep it!


Oct 26, 2006
I had the that bag, wristlet and wallet and after 3 weeks I decided it got too dirty. Also there was a problem with a couple scribble bags that the edges were tearing without major use. Hope this helps in your decision. I sold mine and got my leather Pear set. Which I love!!!!


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Jan 28, 2007
I have to agree with everyone else. I love the scarf print stuff, but just can't get it because of how dirty it will get. If you're just going to be paranoid everytime you use it, then you won't enjoy it and will use it less and less until finally it will stay in it's dustbag on the shelf and never come out again.

I agree with what others have said, maybe get a scarf or wristlet in that print so you can at least satisfy your craving for it.