? re the Trouville

  1. Does this bag the little part on the handle that allows it to have a strap attached to it?? TIA!
  2. Yes!:yes:
  3. Do you have one LV_addict?? Do you use a strap with it??
    Sorry for all the questions but my husband made me really mad this morning and sometimes you just have to vent, ya know?? Unfortunately for him is an eluxury basket full of goodies for me and I just want to see which one I would like best. It is between the Trouville or another speedy, I just bought the Damier speedy but I can't decide, also in the running is the Multicolore Aurelia GM in black. With all of the accessories as well since I don't have anything in black mc. Too bad for him huh hehehee!
  4. Here is what I am thinking of, all from elux since I have not had any luck off ebay or other places..
    p11226208_ph_althero_Black.jpg p10470401_ph_althero_Black.jpg p10754674_ph_hero.jpg p10730912_ph_althero_Black.jpg
  5. I don't have one (too close in shape to my Mizi, that's the only reason;)) but really like them! BTW, I was talking about mono Trouville (I don't think MC ones have them).
  6. :oh: Oh.. Well maybe someone who has one will see this and respond. Thanks though!!
  7. I believe it's suggested that if you want to attach a strap to the MC trouville, you attach it to the square metal bits on the handles, it's similar to how you'd put a strap on the speedy.
  8. You know what I am talking about tho right?? On the Alma the square metal holders on the straps has like a rounded metal part on two of the holders I guess you would say. One on each side of the bag. They are "made" to attach a strap to. I don't want to just put it into the little square if it wasn't made for it, ya know??
    edit; this is what I meant, I found one on ebay really fast so I could show ya'll, see how it is made to carry the strap? I was trying to see if the Trouville had those as well. I can't tell be the elux photos.
  9. Yes, my Trouville have those rounded parts but i don't have straps..i think Trouville is nice as hand-bag, not shoulder ;)
  10. :biggrin:It does then! Thank you :flowers: I just want to have the option of being able to use it on my shoulder.
  11. I agree. I bought a strap for my Trouville & returned it. It just didn't look right with the shoulder strap.
  12. it doesn't look good carried on the shoulder.
  13. Nope, it's a handheld bag. And it's gorgeous, particularly in black MC. :yes:
  14. Thanks all you wonderful ladies!! I saved my bad husband a little bit of money and bought this off ebay after getting some authentication help here. Now it has my :heart: and I already have a white mc wallet to match!!
    f3_12.JPG d5_12.JPG c0_12.JPG 8e_12.JPG 7b_12.JPG 6b_12.JPG 3a_12.JPG 3a_12-1.JPG