? re: the New Speedy bags

  1. Do any of you SA's or anyone else, know if the Speedy bags will be available in leather?

    Been debating about popping for a Mandy but if the Speedy comes in leather, I may just get that instead.
  2. you really should have posted this in the thread about the new speedys
  3. To my knowledge there is not a leather version in production. But you never know; since it's a new silhouette they could add a leather version next season or possibly next year.
  4. I'm sorry, I didn't see that thread or I would have done so.
  5. i'd LOVE it in leather
  6. no problem, just trying to help! ;)
  7. I see it now! I should've looked hard and no worries, I need all the help I can get. :yes:

    I would love a Whiskey leather Speedy..:drool:
  8. no leather as of yet. Doesn't mean they won't bring it out later. Go ahead and splurge for the Mandy, and then by the time a leather "speedy" is introduced, you can have enough saved to get one.

  9. That's good advice! :yes: