Re: the Lady Gres

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  1. Does anyone know if any of the Lady Gres shoes when on sale and if so what colors and where. I like them and have been somewhat stalking them, but have not seen them go on sale.
  2. I haven't seen them on sale, but I probably wouldn't notice anyway because I am not looking to buy another pair of Lady Gres. Great shoe though. Which color do you want?
  3. I've seen the fushia, bordeaux, and the saffron on sale, 40% off
  4. I saw the green suede on sale at
  5. I may be wrong on this but it seems the suede ones tend to be discounted more than other materials.
  6. ^^I saw the same colors and also green on sale. Both Saks and Barneys had them, but it was awhile ago. Good Luck!
  7. i saw the green and the saffron on sale at Saks early this month
  8. I got lucky on Saturday when I was at NM and stumbled upon the charcoal grey suede Lady Gres on sale. They only had one that had been returned from another store - size (40) and 50% off!! I have been drooling over that shoe. I love the knot - so sexy. I also saw the green and yellow suede on on sale online, but they were gone quickly.

    Call an SA or customer service at Saks or NM and have them check the computer to see if any stores have them from returns. Good luck!
  9. All of the suede went on sale, but the pewter leather, black leather, and brown leather were all still full price. I have the pewter leather and I had my SA at saks check a few weeks ago to see if they ever went on sale and nope, they were still full price.

    I had the gray suede, hunter green suede, and bordeaux suede that were all purchased on sale and they all went back. They just didn't do it for me like the pewter leather.

    If you want the saffron, try a Saks!
  10. ^ Hi ash! I see how you feel about the Lady Gres. Pls ignore my last PM.
  11. I love the look and tried them on a few months ago and they felt very comfortable. Lynn, I am officially jealous of your Lady Gres find :drool: since I am a 40.

    Thanks for eveeyone's input.
  12. ronsdiva, call Saks SF, quick! I was just there on Saturday and spotted a gray suede in the Sale section. I *think* it was a 40. I didn't notice the price but it should be below $500 by now. I have them in black kid and just :love: them, they are stunning and really comfortable.
  13. I don't think that Saks or NM will be marking down the leather Lady Gres until next season.
    Most recently, I saw a beautiful purple satin Lady Gres on sale at Bergdorfs in my size, but for once I demonstrated some restraint and put them down. I kind of regret it now.
    In addition to the retailers that have already been mentioned, you should also try Nordstroms, I saw them at the $199 sale.
  14. I wish I could find the nude satin Lady Gres but I only saw them on two sites both overseas and were sold out in my size. I have no idea why the buyers in the US didn't get that shoe. I saw Lady Gres at Nordstroms too so you should definitely call them.
  15. When did you guys see them at Nordy's? I have been dying for a pair of Lady Gres.