RE: Teaser Email-- "Available on May 17th, 11.30 pm Paris Time"

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  1. Did anyone else get this teaser email from Chanel?

    I'm wondering what it's about? What are they unveiling, opening or offering tomorrow - anyone know?

    Not sure if this link will work:,0
  2. I think "something" is supposed to arrive... Maybe a new scent? A new bag? A pre-fall collection? Or a new model?
  3. that's weird. I wonder what it is
  4. that IS a tease...hmmm....
  5. May 17th marks the 74th anniversary (I think.. or the 75th) of CoCo Chanel's first diamond exhibition in Paris..

    Perhaps a new jewelery line will be showcased??
  6. its the cruise collection 2006/7

    the pics are up at the site :smile:
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