? Re: tags on bags


Halt and Salute
Aug 6, 2006
Dressage Arena
Can someone tell me why some MJ bags have the little plastic tag on the black string along with the paper tags and some do not? I noticed this in Nordies today as well as wonder this when I see bags on ebay as well...
I've wondered that too! My only theory is that the bags purchased directly from MJ may not have the plastic tag while those sold through authorized sellers may. The plastic tag is attached such that you have to cut it off, which may help ensure authenticity if purchased somewhere other than a MJ boutique. It is just my crazy theory though!


Designated Shopaholic
Jan 2, 2006
Do the bags at the MJ boutique have it??

All the Marc Jacobs collection bag I saw at Bloomingdales had the little plastic black string tag. When I went to Nordstroms, the plastic black string tag was cut off and placed inside in the bag.

I'm assuming that all Marc Jacobs collection bag comes with the black plastic string tag and since it isnt reattachable, sellers on ebay have to find some way to reattach it when it's cut off