re-stringing pearls?

  1. hey all!

    i'm new here and this is my first post, so please be gentle! :P

    i've been LOVING this jewelry subforum because i'm in love with jewelry at the moment!

    anyway, i have a question for all you pearl experts:

    i have a pearl necklace that belonged to my late grandma, and while i have no idea if it's worth a lot, it means a LOT to me. it's old and the clasp isn't real gold, so i was thinking of getting it re-strung and adding a sterling silver clasp instead of the old fake gold one.

    does anybody know if this is doable? and if so, can a regular jeweler do it? i live in a teeny tiny town where we only have one jeweler, so i don't have a whole lot of choice.

    what kind of price would i be looking at? i was thinking about getting it done as a present to myself for christmas and doing the bracelet done at the same time.

    thanks! :heart:
  2. Of Course it is doable, if the pearls are real it will be worth it., you can change the clasp for whatever you want, including a real gold one. If the necklace is the right size for you have them restring it the same or have them add a few pearls if you need them. Re-stringing pearls, at least in Miami by the old latin jewelers is not an expensive proposition, I just had four strands restrung and it was quite reasonable, if I remember less than $50.00 a necklace, they were genuine cultured pearls from Florence Italy that belonged also to my grandmother., remember, at first after restringing the necklace will be smaller than it was originally, then it will start giving so make sure the size fits you fine now or is even a little large., pm me if you want any other info.
  3. Of course! Pearls should be restrung at least once every few years - especially if they are nice pearls on silk. Silk stretches, even if pre-stretched (which I do) and space will start to get between the pearls.

    Some of the jewelry stores in the area charge up to $3 per pearl! I think that's a bit much. My standard rate is around $1.50 per pearl, which includes the silk. I'm happy to restring them for you...I can even send you some referrals if you like. One is a tPF member.

    But I'm also sure that you could find a local jeweler to do it as well. Good luck!
  4. I just sent my pearls in to be restrung....they are charging me $45 and said it will take 2 weeks to complete.
  5. i just had mine re-strung and it cost 50€ for a pretty long string. it definitely wasn't the cheapest place though.
  6. As evrerone has answered, def. doable and not too expensive...good luck :smile: