Re-stock for Black Friday?

Black Elite

the pen is my sword
Nov 22, 2010
I'd recommend stalking the store instead. :graucho:

I, and another women who came in to the LV boutique about 4 minutes after I did, both wanted the Artsy MM. At the time, they only had the GM, and we were both told that one would be arriving the next day. I came back to the boutique the next day at opening time. Nothing had been delivered yet. I sat on the bench out front and waited (it only took a "few" hours. :shame:

Sure, I may sound a little crazy, but competition drives me. The other woman walked in just as the SA was packing up my new Artsy MM. She looked pissed too! This shortage makes the crazy come out in all of us though. Right????


Sep 13, 2009
Yeah, I've just been calling my SA and he actually put my stuff aside and called me. I'm assuming because they got more than a couple of what I wanted. Happy Shopping!


hold me back, girls
Oct 26, 2006
"Sunny Sunny" So Fla
I am staying away form stores in nyc for at least the week. black weekend is just too much. id rather let the aftershocks tremble out before i attempt to shop in person again!