Apr 29, 2006
since the search function is disabled, I can't find any old topics related to this.

My glazed pink medium flap (which is brand new) has a couple of loose stitches on the front of the flap. It's so noticeable!!!

I am not sure of what to do with it. One of the loose stitches came off last night when I was storing the flap back in the wardrobe!! Now there is a loose thread in the front, and I am not sure if this can be re-worked at Chanel.

I might try to take a picture tonight so I can explain myself better.
Has anybody sent a bag to Chanel for re-stitching? And since the bag came from a boutique with the defect, should I be paying for the workmanship?
I would love to hear some advice. The bag arrived while I was away from home preparing my wedding. Then I went on honeymoon and time has passed, so I could not report to my SA about the defect. I have no proof that it was already there when I got it!!!
I don't mind paying but I feel so bad that it's brand new and already needs to be sent for a spa treatment!!
Any opinions are more than welcome :shame:


Jan 22, 2007
My friend took hers back to a Chanel boutique because the stitching came undone on the leather that runs through the chain strap. They hand stitched it for her there and then at the boutique. It took about half an hour.