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  1. I know a number of members were unhappy with red soles they purchased which were nearly 3mm thick. I think the general opinion was they were more appropriate for heavy boots, rather than designer ladies shoes.

    My question is, given the choice, would you prefer the thinner 1.8mm soles or an extremely thin 1mm sole?

    In making a choice between the two you need to remember that any new sole will initially wear off it's top, patterned, surface far quicker than the bulk of the sole material. Therefore, the thickness will reduce slightly after a few outings.

    So what I'm really asking is, would you prefer the thinnest (1mm) sole, which will hardly show but need more frequent trips to the cobbler OR the slightly thicker (1.8mm) sole, which will show slightly more until it has been worn a little?

    Obviously, the thinnest (1mm) material will mean you will have to trust your precious Louboutins to the cobbler more often :sweatdrop:

    I did ask my local cobbler about the two choices and he recommended the 1.8mm, but then again he does not own any CL shoes :lol:

    It is probably quite obvious, to most, why I am asking this question. I am down to my last 6 pairs and need to order more. The minimum 1/2 sole order is 400 pairs :s so I need to make a decision fast and ultimately it is your preference that really counts.

    P.S. Sorry, but there may be a delay until the new soles become available again.
  2. I think sticking with the original would be best... We've all seen the pictures and the 1.8mm soles look great. And if it means greater usage without taking my shoes to the Cobbler, I'm for it.:p
  3. I agree. I just wondered what the general feeling amongst members was. Maybe we could have a poll - how does that get set up?
  4. Well, a forum member has just snapped up the last ones :tup:

    There will now be a short intermission :lol: (but I have already ordered a whole load more).

    Does any one else have an opinion on the sole thickness question?
  5. I think you have to select the poll option when you create the thread. Then after you submit your post you can create the options for your poll.

    I vote for the 1.8mm soles also. I'm going to take my shoes to the cobblers tomorrow (hopefully if I have time) and let you all know how it goes! I'm thinking my CL addiction is in full swing cuz I just purchased another pair and have two on pre-order. Yikees...
  6. So, how many did you have before?
  7. I probably wouldnt mind the 1.00mm ones as i dont wear my CL's everyday. Mine are special occasion shoes so the thinner the better.

    I guess it is hard as everyone wears their own shoes to different degrees. For everyday use i would probably go 1.8mm.

    Are you able to get a mixed supply of 1.8mm and 1.00mm?
  8. I had like 13 pairs around there. Now, I've added two more this week + the ones I have on pre-order. I might possibly be buying a few more by next month. Not to mention I want to purchase some other brand of shoes also like Manolos and Choos. This addiction needs to stop or else I won't have money to buy my bags! :wtf:
  9. I did ask that question but the reply was that if I needed two sizes I would have to have two sets of 400 pairs :tdown:
  10. I agree that it would be ideal to offer both the 1.00 mm for more delicate shoes that don't get a lot of wear, as well as the 1.8 mm for frequently used shoes. As between these two, however, I would prefer the 1.8 mm so that I don't have to go to the cobbler as frequently and don't have to be without my shoes as often (my cobbler takes at least a week to resole).
  11. I would go for the thinnest shoes possible. I hate even having heel tips replaced because I start to feel off balance if the natural shoe shape is upset. I'm a wobbly mess, though. And how often do you really need rubber soles replaced? I've only ever had to have them reglued, not replaced.
  12. hello
    where can i purchase red vibram soles to resole my christian louboutin rolandos please

    thank you
  13. 1.8mm for me!!
  14. I prefer the 1.0 mm soles.
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