? re: Shoulder Straps on Kellys without D-rings

  1. For those of you who have older Kellys and have shoulder straps attached to the handle rings and not the D-rings which came later, do the clips rub against the handle and cause rubbing/friction against the handle's leather? I am debating whether or not to order a shoulder strap for an older Kelly that doesn't have the rings. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. :flowers:
  2. One of my Kelly bags is vintage and I use it with shoulder straps. Its fine. It doesnt rub. I just hook one hook on the front part of the ring and the other strap to the back part of the other ring to give it some balance and keep it from tilting forward. Straps are great to have when you need hands free. The nice thing about the single rings is when you do use it without a strap it looks nicer.
  3. I do exactly what Luccibag does. No rubbing.
  4. ^ Me three.
  5. Thanks for the great feedback ladies, and for that handy tip about the hook placement Luccibag. I'll give it a try tonight with a strap from one of my other Kellys and see how it works!
  6. ^me four:lol:
  7. Add me to the mix. Mine doesn't rub either! Go for it, T!!!!
  8. Thanks everyone. I was wondering about this earlier today. The OP read my mind!