Re-sellers and coronavirus

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  1. What are your thoughts about ordering from a re-seller site at this time? I don’t want to be paranoid but want to be responsible and safe. Do you feel comfortable ordering?
  2. I'd feel safe. I'm not of the opinion that a virus will be in/on a used bag. I would do as normal - check for a return policy and legitimacy of the person/company. I'd probably feel safest buying from a company instead of a person, just for shipping/return issues.
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  3. Open everything with gloves and then throw it all away and the item you can always leave out for 24 hours and not touch it or wipe it down
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  4. Viruses need living hosts to survive long-term. While they can live for some time on nonporous surfaces under ideal lab conditions, in real life I doubt they can survive for long. But if it makes you feel better, sanitize the item/packaging and wash your hands afterward.
  5. Put your package away for three days or so without opening and wash your hands thoroughly after handling it.
  6. I would be more concerned about the box than the contents. Handle it carefully with gloves and wash hands after handling. Open it outside and leave it in the garbage/recycle bin. No need to bring it inside.
  7. Assuming you are ordering via mail, it will take at least a couple days for the item to reach you. In that time, any viruses will be dead.
  8. No different than ordering from Amazon or any other retailer. I'm not concerned. I just make sure I wash my hands and throw away the packaging.
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  9. Came back to this thread because I think it's an interesting topic.

    Yes, if the person sending the virus was infected by the time it reached you, it would no longer be viable. But all the other handlers along the way could technically be infected and transfer to the outside box. I think that's the concern for a lot of people receiving packages right now.
  10. Aside from virus worries/risks, does anyone think that resellers, e.g., TRR, have raised or set high prices as they are one of the only games in town with the major department stores and designer boutiques closed? Lots of stuff like Chanel and Dior RTW is not sold on line.
  11. I haven't noticed that at all. In fact I've seen most of the resale sites ( Fashionphile a major exception) offering 10-20% off their inventory. Yoogis, Anns, TRR, etc. have all had major sales since the virus broke in the US. They are in a luxury market and fewer people care about their merchandise right now. They will likely benefit when people do start to buy again - many will have no choice but to buy 2nd hand if they've lost income and the traditional stores will have lower stock levels. The resellers are in a great position right now, they can likely buy cheap from panicked sellers and sell the model at the same pricepoint as before, while making a larger profit.