Re sale value????????

  1. What designer has more re sale value Louis Vuitton or Emillio Pucci? :flowers:
  2. I would think Vuitton over Pucci, mainly because Pucci is not as mainstream as Vuitton...
  3. Louis Vuitton! Pucci has a more vintage feel to it. LV is loved by all because they have so many styles and designs.
  4. I think LV also
  5. Vuitton for sure!
  6. Yep also agree. Whenever I look at Pucci pieces, they only ever go for 50% of their original price so I would say most definitely LV (although I prefer Pucci ;))
  7. Vuitton based on my eBay watching habits.
  8. LV for sure. It's more recognizable to more people.
  9. LV limited edition and discontinued pieces deffinatly. Othe LV still has a good resale value, about half of retail if its beat up.
  10. LV of course!
  11. i think the answer would be LV
  12. LV NEVER goes on sale... Pucci does.
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