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  1. Hi,

    Do anyone here have any site or store that they know of that sell gently used authentic LV handbags? I am looking to buy the papillon 30. I really like the style. It is selling for over $800 on Eluxury. I swear a couple of years ago it was about $500. The price went up. I purchased the small bucket a couple of years ago for a little over $500 and now it is going for $885. I desperately want the papillon.

  2. Hello, what papillon you're talking about? Mono or Damier? My best friend has branded shop here ( for 2nd and brand new ). I'll check the price for you but couldn't sell/trading here, tPF not allowed it.
  3. You can try, on is a list of reputable eBay sellers that only sell authentic handbags. hope this helps! :smile:
  4. :yes::yes::yes:
  5. Hello lvgodiva:

    I am looking for the mono papillon 30. If you can check with your friend & let me it would be great. I'm looking to get it by Valentine week cause I am going to Vegas. So, it would be nice to have it with me. If she have a store or a website let me know.

    Thanks again
  6. I've bought from Jill's Consignment in the past and have gotten some great things. However, I did send her a Fendi B and YSL Muse for consigment with original receipts at her request as well as all booklets, documentation, etc. She insisted the receipts were copies and basically accused me of printing them up (with Neiman and Nordstrom logos) myself. On the plus side, one less place to be tempted to shop from for me.
  7. I'm glad you mentioned that place. There are some cute things there! It's good to know they are authentic.

  8. my current fav!
  9. Hi......

    Actually a fellow TPFer has compiled a list of websites which sell 2nd hand and authentic LVs.

    here's the subject of the thread

    Complete List Of 2nd Hand Legit Lv Websites W/ Link

    hope it helps... :smile:
  10. ^ :rolleyes: I was just going to write that!
  11. What about Ann's Fabulous Finds?
  12. I have read great things about yoogi's closet.
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