Re-sale Fendi Spies

  1. I walked passed a local consignment store and popped in look around. Figured I'll just ask the manager how much they buy and sell used but good/excellent condition Fendi Spy bags for. She told me they buy for $950 and sell between $1300 and $1600. ???? Is that the market now for re-sale Spy bags off ebay????? I am totally flabbergasted. :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  2. TammyD,
    I think that's just about how consignment stores always work. You're lucky if you get 50% of your retail price back even for mint condition, hot items. I'm not that surprised that they sell it for $1600, although maybe the $1300 is for the zucca and zucca/leather spy variants.
  3. Wow. Maybe that's how Anne got hers for $1100 at Milan Station in HK. I will NEVER sell my spy on consignment, it's like degrading them!
  4. Hi,this is my very first post,and Im very happy to find this Fendi thread!!! Please allow me to join your conversation :smile: Yes, unfortunately it's really hard to re-sell spy bags nowadays except for the rarest one, like sequin and green ones...Im pretty sure those will sell at least at retail, while I went shopping the other day with my sequin,this lady out of the blue came up to me and made me an offer..."would you sell your bag to me? I would pay you at this very moment,I've been dying to get that bag!!!!" the end of conversation she said she was willing to spend $4750 cash on it(since it's used),I was tempted at first but then decided to keep my beloved sequin ;-P I paid mostly retail for all my spies(yes....I have way too much spies), except for the honey one which I got about a month ago for only $1500. So I really think spy bags are VERY hard to re-sell and become even harder in the future :sad:
  5. I don't think they will be hard to re-sell cos consignment stores aren't the only avenue. Very often, esp during this period, the higher-end spyies are even harder to sell than the regular spies because they're just too expensive. A lot of people would rather pay a little more for a Birkin than spend $5000 on a spy. I think you are lucky to get an offer on the sequin spy, Olg4.
  6. IMO, a brand bag is like an exotic car which u buy and most probably keep cos the depreciation is way too much within a short span of time. Just like people who buy rolex over other brands of exotic watches, because of the resale value. But ultimately, items with higher resale value may not be what you ultimately want and even like. A birkin is nice but given a choice I will go for the spy cos of its unique design.
  7. To each his own, I guess. A birkin's resale value does not decrease much over time, unlike other bags/watches/cars, including the spy, because of it's rarity.
  8. The resale value of the Spy is not too good on eBay either. I've relisted my petrol Spy at least 3 or 4 times already and have not got a single bid! A few months ago, I sold my 2-week old Honey Spy for about $1800, I believe. :+(
  9. It's probably just the season. Ebay is slow at this time of the year. But I agree that the resale values for spies are not too high. In Paris, a brand new spy costs 1475 euros. Working away detaxe, its around $1700 - for a brand new spy! Unless I'm buying a good resale one for far less than that, or am obsessing something which is completely sold out, I will just get my brother to pick one up from me from Paris (where he lives).