re-releases for inferno, paradiso, and something else?

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  1. how much will the bags be?
    I want an inferno campeggio, for the future, and where will they be selling them? I really really really really really really really really want one.
  2. at Reg. price I think in the mainland is 160.00 for a in hawaii it will be about 190.00 plus tax...usually I hear it's 30.00 more here in hawaii...
  3. prices in hawaii (also add 4.7% tax)
    Gioco, BV, Campeggio & Ciao Ciao $194
    MM, Bella, Stellina $157
    Denaro & Caramella $83
    Dolce $97
    Bambino $130
    Ciao $145
    Zucca, Corriere and Cucciolo $222
  4. will they send to websites, such as,, or
  5. nope. it's just for Hawaii, like the Foresta re-release.
  6. I believe the third one is Lamore. One is supposed to come out in Feb, one in March and one in April. At this point, i'm willing to pay retail (even with Hawaii's inflated price) to pick the placement and get what I want.
  7. anyone find an exact date for paradiso re-release?
  8. Oops, i believe the third print is Pirata and not L'Amore.
  9. The SA's in Hawaii are saying Amore...not Pirata - I asked last weekend.
  10. Oh, see, i couldn't remember. I'm not a fan of either print so I know it didn't mean much to me after they said inferno. :smile:
  11. Yeah...I kinda brushed it off too since I don't need or want anymore bags in those prints haha...gosh they really should have re-released Tan PG and Citta/Citta Rosa...bleh.
  12. Totally! Paradiso, Pirata, and L'Amore are probably my least favorite prints. I wish they would re-release Citta or Tan PG instead!
  13. does ny 1 no the exacts dates 4 infernos ect?
  14. They are not saying dates, only months - so far anyway.
  15. I am wishing for a Citta Gioco...come on HI SA's.....suggest that print!!! ;)