Re: Recent bannings and recruiting for other forums on tPF

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  1. I will keep this short and sweet, but still want to make a statement to avoid confusion.

    It appears like some of our members decided to put together a forum during the Coach downtime on tPF.

    While the tPF administration has no problem of other fashion-related forums being around, it is absolutely not acceptable for those members to solicit our members and recruit them over to the new place. It is a slap in the face to the work we've put into this place for the past two years and such activity will not be tolerated. Such activity is frowned upon on most internet forums as it is very difficult to get a successful, active community going. Exploiting someone else's work will not be tolerated by Megs or myself.

    No warnings will be issued, if we find out that you are trying to recruit our members base, you will be banned, no questions asked.
  2. I am going to add to this in hopes that people understand a tad more of what we are saying. Because it seems that people are still not understanding the story fully.

    We have absolutely no problem with people being members on other forums. I, myself, belong to another forum similarly minded- the Fashion Spot. We have never had a problem with this, and never will.

    The problem lies in people attempting to recruit/take our members through our forum. People do not realize the amount of work Vlad and I both have put into this forum. Not to mention the work of the mods, and all of our members. If you look at any forum, they will do the same thing. I do hope you all realize that this is the reason people have been banned, not for anything else.

    You will see that some members have been banned- and trust me, I have not enjoyed any of this. But we can not allow people to be a member here and try to break us apart.

    If you have more questions, PM me. I will answer and let you know anything about the situation.

    Thanks everyone! :flowers:
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