Re: Private Shopping Night @ Holts

  1. I was wondering, if anyone has any information, this year will there only be another PSN in September, and that's it??

    I read a lot about the November PSN and assumed that this year's second PSN will be in November...not September. Oh myy...if it's only in September then I'm in trouble, because I don't have enough time to save for the September PSN!!

    Under what circumstances (ie., the one last year on Nov 15) will Holts hold another PSN??
  2. No one hmm?
    Okay please post info here once you find out! Much appreciated!
  3. I thought it was September last year, not November. :confused1:
  4. I think it was September last year and November the year before...
  5. No, I am 100% sure that there was PSN in September 2006 and November 2006 as well. I looked at previous threads to confirm this.
  6. Why would they have 2 PSNs so close together? :confused1:

    Anyways, I know that here in Vancouver, we only had one in September and then one in March! Not sure about other places.
  7. my bro works for holt's--- he says PSN will be late August or early September, just like last year.
  8. Here's Addy's thread announcing the September 2006 PSN:

    and if you look at the last post of the page, on November 14th, svetty (who is in Toronto) said that her SA called her about a PSN the next day and Jazzie also posted a thread about it:
  9. Yes, I remember going to the November one for last year.... does anyone know if they will have on in September?
  10. Yes, they will. September 5th.