? re Prada boot sizing

  1. For those of you who wear Prada shoes and boots, can you tell me if you need to go up a 1/2 size when ordering boots? TIA to all the experts!
  2. My daughter is a 41 in Manolos and just bought her first pair of Prada boots in a 41 and they fit her perfectly. Hope that helps.:smile:
  3. True to size
  4. thx ^^ dallas and mich327 - I will order in my regular size and hope it works out. Thanks for taking the time to help me out!
  5. yep..Boots are almost always true to size.Only once I had to go half a size up and they were for a very pointy pair.
    If u r buying Prada sport...they sometimes run bigger.(half size in boots)
  6. I've found Prada and Miu Miu to be either TTS or slightly big. The exception may be a really pointy toe, but in general, I wear my normal size.
  7. TTS. My boots have a kinda pointy toe, and it was still TTS. A half size larger would have been too big.
  8. a big thanks to you all above ^^ for your input. I ordered in my regular size and will see. I appreciate you taking the time to help! :flowers:
  9. Would love to see some pictures when they arrive! (Strictly for research purposes of course);):graucho:
  10. Yes true to size but I always buy bigger size when pointed toe.
  11. Ordered today - dallas ^^^ here is the stock pic:


    always interested in helping out in research!
  12. Wow, that is exactly the pair I've been eyeing, great for running around in! What size are you? Could you please let us know how you go with your size when you get them, TIA:smile:
  13. Finally got these - they fit like a glove. So true to size - I did not have to size up cause they are boots. I tend to wear no socks or very thin socks so they will be fine. The leather is so soft and TDF - I love that there is no seam! Highly recommended! Thanks to all for your help!
  14. Congrats! I'm so glad they fit you perfectly!
  15. ^^ you were right, mich327! Thanks again for your help! Can't wait for the fall to wear them!