(Re-post) Leather boots: Can they be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d?

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  1. Posted in "The Glass Slipper", but thought you ladies light have some suggestions as well! Please excuse the re-post. Thanks!:smile:

    I found perfect knee-high leather boots for fall, but they are too tight in the calf by about an inch. Can they be made wider by taking them to be stretched? How much wider can you make leather boots by having them stretched? Has anyone had this done before? How much does it cost? It won't ruin the boot will it?!

    Thanks so much for your advice!
  2. I haven't had it done but I thought leather will stretch up to an inch. I know some cobblers prefer to cut a slice into the boot and sew in elestic. I think it depends on where you need that inch as to what they will recommend.
  3. i had this same problem, i haven't been able to get mine to stretch by just wearing them :sad:
  4. It took a very long time for my leather boots to stretch to my fat calves :sad: I tried to zip it up more and more every time I wore them, and eventually, they went all the way up.

    You can go to a cobbler and have them replace the zipper with a zipper with an elastic band in it so that it will close all the way :smile:
  5. I once had a pair of leather boots stretched in the toe area and it came out really bad, the leather showed the resulting marks off terribly. It was a rather upsetting experience!

    Lesson learned: Make sure you have a good cobbler and tell them exactly what you want, and for which precise area of the boot. I'd also check on their warranties -- usually they accept no responsibility for the results of shoe stretching. I guess this is a pretty unpredictable process for them.