Re Pochette Tikal

  1. Help!

    I've been contemplating on buying the Pochette tikal as cosmetic pouch...but it says in eluxury that its a clutch/pouch? Is it too small for powder case, lipstick, medicine? Or am I better off buying the cosmetic pouch?

    Tikal just looks so cute n chic:love: but is it practical?

    Does anybody have one? Was it useful to you?

    Thanks guys...
  2. yes, i agree w/ bernz. the pochette cosmetique is much cheaper and can fit quite a bit! you could also buy the pochette accessoires and take the strap off. the pochette accessoires is ideally made for a cosmetic case. that was its original purpose and had no intention of selling it as a purse!
  3. thanks guys...I'd like the pochette accessories. Mooaaahh!!:heart:
  4. The wapity comes in Mono, and I love how the Wapity looks in Mono. I also want a wapity in MC Black. :tender:
  5. I have one, and I love it, but don't think I would use it for cosmetics. The interior would be hard to clean and it is pretty thin.
  6. I use mine as a clutch/ wristlet, you can use it as cometic pouch if you want but like twinkle said the lining is hard to clean incase you spill something.
  7. I also use mine as a wristlet and love it! But, I don't think it would work well as a cosmetics case. For cosmetics, I use the poche cosmetique, which fits quite a lot. Hope this helps!