RE: Pearl Reissue sizes - need help from you lovely ladies :)

  1. Hi everyone! I am in desperate need of a Black Reissue with Gold HW. But can't find any:sad: So i want to purchase the Pearl Reissue 226-$3225 instead. Since the strand of pearl and mirror are detachable. So i can use it as a regular reissue. But as i was searching for more info on this bag...I came across a fellow pfer's post that the Pearl Reissues doesn't have the same size with the Regular Reissues?:sad: I just want to know if the pearl reissue 226 has the same size with the Regular Reissue 226?

    I would really love to hear everyone's input on this. TIA:flowers:
  2. I only saw them IRL in an E/W size but maybe a little smaller.
  3. ^ thanks for your reply. looks like they really dnt have the same size with the regular reissues:sad:
  4. ...bump... I know a couple of tPfers own this bag, maybe they'll be able to help w/the measurements.. Godd luck!

  5. How much was the e/w of this bag? and where can I get one? TIA!!!!!1
  6. Thank you so much for bumping this thread. you are so sweet:flowers:

    Here's what i gather re: sizes from my friend. The largest size of pearl reissue which is the so-called 226 is a size in between the regular reissue 226 and 227... So yes, they dnt have exactly the same size with the regular reissues. The size is more like an E/W since it's longer in length and shorter in height...I am not so sure myself with the exact measurement:push:

  7. I dnt know if this is what you're referring to. There is a smaller version of this which is the so called 225-$2995 (i know a couple of fellow tPfers owns this)
  8. I hope Purrrfect sees this thread, I think she has a pearl reissue, she might be able to help.... hi dear, where are you??
  9. Hi, I am here - better late than never - hahaha. I will measure mine tonight and post the actual measurements on Wed.
    My bag was $2,995 before the increase.
  10. I quickly measured my Pearl Reissue this morning (without contacts in - mind you) and the size was something like 9 1/2 in length by 6 tall. Which surprises me because I thought it more the size of the 226 size but apparently not. Before increase it sat me back $2,995. Anyway it is a great bag, love it.:heart:
  11. ^ thanks so much for taking time to measure your bag Purrrfect . And yeah, it doesn't have the same size with 226...that's why i decided against it:sad: though i know it's a cute, elegant purse. Congrats with yours! I just want the Black Reissue with Gold HW 226. So i'm still searching for one...
  12. fashion_gurl888:
    This for you:drinkup:-- you will find yours too;)
  13. thegraceful1 - i really hope so:crybaby:agh...that black reissue picture of yours is killing me...hope to find one really soon...
  14. I am actually looking for the Pearl Reissue but it was sold out over here, any idea where else can I find them?
  15. foxycinderella- Call NM/Newport Beach, California (949) 759-1900. They may still have 1 left.