RE: Opinions Wanted

  1. Ladies,

    My first Chanel was a jumbo classic flap in lambskin with gold hardware. It was a gift from my husband a number of years ago. Needless to say, I parted with it and have always regretted doing so (it hurt my husbands feelings). I have decided I want another jumbo flap in the caviar leather. Now I would like you prefer the gold or silver hardware? Why? I am a white metal wearer for the most part, so was thinking the silver hardware would go with more of my jewelry, but I also like the look of the gold hardware with my business suits. Would the silver look as nice with my business attire? Thanks for your input. I love this site! Most of my friends think I am insane with my shoe and handbag addiction :smile: Thank god my husband doesnt :smile:
  2. Arlene,
    your pup is so cute. is it a bichon? :love: anyway, as for gold v. silver hardware, it depends on the color of the flap you're contemplating on buying. I honestly think certain colors go better with gold hardware (like red, blue) - even from a person who prefers silver on everything. I like black, white, actually any other color besides the red/blue with silver hardware. I personally prefer my bags to have silver hardware if I were to pair it with my suits. IMO it looks more polished. Good luck with your choices! :flowers:
  3. I just like the silver hardware, I think it is cleaner looking than the gold.
  4. I like the silver hardware. It seems younger to me, and as someone else said, it looks cleaner. :yes:
  5. LadyFran, I love the look of the gold hardware on a classic black caviar flap. Somehow, it just feels more 'classic' than the silver. However, it would probably be easier to match the silver hardware with casual outfits... for work however, I think both colors would be suitable. :smile:
  6. Thanks ladies....thats what I was thinking too. I love the silver hardware and am looking at a black and a chocolate jumbo caviar with silver hardware. I am a white metals gal by heart. I think one of the biggest reasons I got rid of my first lambskin flap was it felt "old lady" to me with the gold hardware.

    And yes, Augie is my bichon. He is on his float in the pool in that picture. I alternate my pics between him and my red poodle, Teddi.
  7. Silver seems more casual, and gold more dressy.
  8. Go for the silver hardware while its around now. Its pretty, fun, and easier to wear than gold. Especially since you want a jumbo (which means everyday, everywhere bag) I think gold requires too much thought and not as wearable.
  9. ITA! I think the silver HW is much more youthful and "fun" looking compared to the gold...

    My only Chanel has silver HW for those reasons, and I also only wear platinum/silver, so it's nice when the hw matches too! The only color that I'd be willing to get gold HW in is the black, since that one can go either way.
  10. Yorelica ~ I Totally Agree With You: "Go for the silver hardware while its around now"
  11. I think it depends on the color of the leather, though I usually prefer silver hardware. Also, I think there's a variation in the color of the metal. I've seen some gold hardware that was totally 80s kind of gold, but on other bags I've seen a more modest gold color.
  12. Some Chanel bags look better with gold hardware but I personally love the silver hardware for I mostly wear silver jewelry.
  13. Silver seems younger to me. I like it better than the gold on the caviar flap.
  14. I prefer the silver on every style and combined w/ every color!