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  1. Ladies,

    When I started collecting Hermes (especially the handbags) I started putting my other unused bags (except for Chanel) in a spare room to keep for a rainy day or simply because I loved them, but couldn't bear to part with them for some reason or another.

    I've found a lovey non-profit organization called Dress for Success that does a wonderful thing: they collect clothing and accessories for disadvantaged women that helps them turn their lives around. They outfit them with professional clothing and assisting them in looking for jobs that will help them support themselves and their families. It sounds very simple, but has an amazing impact on women who think there is no hope and that they are stuck in poor circumstances.

    I decided to take all my unused handbags and a few Hermes scarves that I no longer wear and donate them. Not only did I want to share the joy of your first Hermes scarf with another person, but it made me feel very good about letting go of something I no longer really need.

    This one is in NYC, but I am sure there are organizations around the world that do something like this. If any of you would like to do the same, I am quite sure your efforts will be very warmly welcomed. Thank you for reading and sorry if I sound like I'm on a soapbox!:heart: :smile:
  2. Emma......wonderful idea! I did the same when my Mother passed....donated most of her things to a battered Womans Shelter. These items helped these women get on their feet......I never felt as good in my life as when I received a thank you note from one lady who was able to get a decent job with some of my Mother's clothes AND furnish part of her FIRST apartment on her own with some of my Mom's furniture.

    Terrific idea!!!!
  3. Great idea! I have some lovely (but unused) bags that I was wanting to sell but this sounds like a really nice cause.
  4. It is an excellent organization, I did the same with some of my mother's stuff, she would have agreed! This organization has a subtle but big ripple effect, glad you posted!
  5. I found it hard at first to donate instead of sell, thinking I could put the funds toward a new bag, but when I realised how little a dent they would probably make (the regular bags and clothes) I felt far better giving them to a worthy cause. It's also less hassle then waiting for consignment to pay you!:smile:

    Thanks girls!
  6. Sounds very nice...
  7. This is really lovely of you LadyEmma, we all know the confidence boost having nice things gives us, it would be great to pass that on to other women to help them get jobs. I fund my Hermes habit by selling on eBay, I left your thread to investigate the charity options with eBay, you have to register with missionfish and I was delighted to find 'Dress for Success' listed in their non-profts list of charities so if anyone wants to donate part of their profits to this cause or any other, this is another way to do it. I think the minimum donation is 10% of your profits.
  8. Sounds like a very good charity...because they actually 'give' items....unlike other charities like goodwill and salvation army...
  9. Oh, Lady Emma - this is such a great thread. I have donated to Dress for Success in the past as well. They outfit women specifically for job interviews, which we all know are stressful under the best of circumstances!!!

    Mods: please remove if this is inappropriate, but here is the website for this group:
  10. Thanks, Twilly, for posting the link. I'm afraid my forgetfulness is one of my biggest flaws!:shame:

    I apologise if I'd put it in the wrong forum division, but I was worried if I posted it in a generic section it wouldn't be seen by the Hermes ladies that I see post here more often - and I see it's been moved back. Thank you!

    This group really is amazing. They take a woman with no hope, give her a big confidence boost, and point her in the right direction. I want to volunteer some time to them as well and will soon. They can always use more volunteers, and while I'm not gifting them favorite bags, I still feel like I'm making a difference.

    I have an Hermes scarf, for instance, that is an older design, but a bit faded, and still pretty. An Hermes afficionado would probably not want to pay $150 for it, but when I think of how much a struggling single mother on welfare might feel when she puts it on, my heart soars!
  11. What a wonderful thing to do Lady Emma :yes: . There are so many out there that need something like this.
  12. Awww Lady Emma how wonderful of you!

    I donated all my worn formals to prom organizations (since I'm kinda skinny, it suits teenage girls!) and I also did this:

    I sent out an email to my office, on the undercover and only to friends. I asked that they all bring in their products they tried once and never used again and/or new trial sizes. Lotions, shampoo, etc you name it. Although I only emailed a few girls, over 20 responded by dropping off bags and boxes in my office until it got full! I then dropped them off at a charity that helps victims of HUMAN TRAFFICKING (yes, modern day slaves to pay off their transport to the US or similiar, in sweat shops and the like) for the people rescued and kept here as refugees.

    The charity was FLOORED and thanked us profusely. Feels even warmer inside than a gulp of hot chocolate :smile:
  13. Excellent idea Lady Emma!
  14. I love to donate to dress for success, thanks for the reminder!
  15. Lady Emma, thank you for suggesting this organization! What a wonderful idea!:yes: