re: NYC Sample Sale Haul?

  1. I thought I'd get a head start for tomorrow and see if anybody's planning on hitting the sale this week.

    If you do, please post pics here of what you got, and what you wanted to get! A little "inventory" thread just for this one event, maybe?:smile: So the rest of us can live vicariously through you!
  2. Oh yes please! I missed the SF sale and would LOVE to see some of what you guys score in NYC! That way I'll know what to expect for NEXT year!
  3. Anybody? Anybody? Somebody must have gone. Where R UUUUUUUU? And what did you buy? Thow us some orange...:crybaby:
  4. ^^^^ I went today and waited for 1 hour to get it, I even got there early at 1:20PM (they start at 2pm), while waiting I saw A LOT of ladies with shopping bags coming out from the building and they're obvious VIPs with invitations...
    Anyway, they were LOTS LOTS of scarves (carres for $195, limited 10 scarves per person), pochettes, plisse, chiffon...
    Shoes (mostly small size 35, 36, or large size 40) womens and mens RTW, stuffs, houseware...
    Bags...LOTS of Garden Party Tote from TTPM (really small),TPM, PM, Orange, Leather ones with Twilly lining, regular toile and brown leather....Herline..some other canvas totes...all all 50% off regular price
    Leather goods, LOTS of agenda...crocs, lizard, box, etc... Nothing special to mention though....all 40% or more off regular price.
    I got a Orange GPT tote, a raisin box photo album, a magnet clip in Aqua chevre,, a plisse scarf.. will post pics later tonight. ^^^
  5. WOW! What a score! Don't forget to post your pics! :yes:
  6. Wow that sounds like a great sale!!! :nuts: Congrats Love!
  7. wow. guess i'll have to head over tomorrow night. were the scarves pretty? i really want one...
  8. Croc agendas??? Wow. That would be a steal!
  9. Got in about 10;30....NOT TOO MUCH EXCITING STOCK, alot of scarves, ties, ols"style" leather goods, and last season's shoes and clothes. some nice Garden party bags, and extreemly tiny belts and bracelets.
  10. i came home with a great pair of pumps in raisin suede, a cool white tohu bohu plisse, a red lumieres de paris plisse and a blue pavements gavroche.

    there was a blue kuna people scarf i was going to take, but the "s" stamp was way to dark and sloppy so i put it back.

    other scarf patterns i saw:
    • la vie a grande norde -- many colors
    • a borde de l'eau
    • la vie est un fleuve
    • noel a 24 faubourg in powder blue, mint green and baby pink
    • hola flamenca
    • kuna people in black, potiron and red
    • walk in the park
    • champignons
    • la mechanique des idees

    ETA -- there were a TON of the itty bitty leather garden parties w/ twillies -- brown only
  11. There was a lot of RTW and I saw some women trying on great looking cocktail dresses. They also had some nice cashmere shawls, big and small, but not very many

    I came home with one scarf, one plisse, a yellow chevre agenda, a tie for DH and a great pair of black gloves with ruthenium chain accents. I really wanted a belt but they were all too teeny
  12. DQ, aren't those Garden Party so tiny !! :p I was hesitant to get these little ones, but they're REALLY cute !!

    Callmelulu, the belts are all so small.. I wished I had saw the gloves !