Re: Neiman's sales

  1. I bought a Prada crossbody at the end of June and I see that's $111 cheaper now. I went to NM's live CS and asked for the refund of the difference in price. They wouldn't give me the entire amount because it was past the 10 cutoff, but they did give me an extra 20% off so I ended up saving $93.40 on the price. :tup:

    Just a little FYI for you. Hang onto those sale links for a little while!

  2. OMG, I'm trying to get the 20% back from each item (I have literally spend thousands at Neiman's in store and online in the last 3 weeks) and the lady is being such a BIATCH! LOL I'm still fighting though...hehehehehe!
  3. haha...i just tried the exact same thing and the woman told me to beat it. makes me SO mad! what difference does it make to them!!?!?!?
  4. I try to do the same thing too and they wouldn't do it for me either!
  5. What a ho...I just spent a good 30-45 min giving her my info, order numbers, etc...and she pulled the same crap!!! LOL Grace, what the hell did you do to get your 20% back?! I WANT MORE SPENDING MONEY!!!! LMAO
  6. Use live customer service and ask for Thomas! LOL That's the best I can tell you!
  7. Another thing you can do is order the cheaper one, and return the new one with the old receipt. Its the same item, and its not fair that they discount over and over and dont make the adjustment!
  8. ^^^
    yep! my mom has done this at Saks because they won't do a price adjustment AT ALL (even within x amount of days) after that first cut. it is a pain, but probaly worth it, if the difference is in the three or four digits.

    i have no clue why these SAs are so snippy about'd think it's THEIR money!
  9. is it true that they won't/can't do a price adjustment if the item is already out of stock?:crybaby:
  10. No, they will (although this doesn't make sense to me). I got a price adjustment on an item that was no longer in stock, but the new price still shows up in their system, and online if you bookmarked the link. You just have to do it within 10 days (at least according to NM's website).
  11. I got my price adjustment without any hassle...I called NM's customer service number on their site.
  12. I got price adjustments no problem on items that were purchased within the last 10 days...that was no problem at all. I was trying to pull what Grace did, and none of the reps were having it. LOL
  13. when are they going to give the price adjusment? is it right away,in a few days or is it gonna take as long as the return? I heard that NM is notorious for giving back the money to the customers. I got the adjustment today, when should I expect it to show upon my cc statement? Thanks
  14. I would say 3-5 business days.
  15. SAs at NM are on commission - therefore probably hesitant to make price adjustments on their own sales.